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Columbus, Ohio
Financial Service Industry -30 years Management
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Over 30 years ago while obtaining my B.B.A. and M.B.A. business degrees I took two Business Writing courses. Thirty five years and thousands of business communications and reports later I'm here to testify those proved to be among my most valuable classes. Every business should have a CCO (Chief Communications Officer) on staff. Just one example: I recall a challenging task that everyone said was impossible to accomplish. The task was to write Business Prospectuses (written by Lawyers for Lawyers’) in plain English for consumer use. Having taken multiple business law and tax classes and majoring in accounting and finance I could related to those professions. And fortunately my business English writing teacher had taught me how to translated legalese into plain English. The project resulted in a major success, thanks to what I had learned 15 years earlier. Lynn, we live in a world of instant messaging, lingo, buzz words and industry jargon. Your work to create more efficient and effective business communications is a noble profession. I just learned of your blog and now have it in my favorites list. Your blog provides valuable education. Thank you for your fantastic work. BMWright
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