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Love the thanks you's! If I were having a baby I would love the announcements too! :)
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Love all of it!
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2009 on buyer's market | glass at Scoutie Girl
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I love the Create and the Bohemian cool!
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Jan: I thought I posted something the other day but maybe it didn't go through. I wanted to be sure to wish you all the best and congratulate you on all your hard work. You impress me as someone who is always ahead of the learning curve in business and I know you next adventure will be successful! Hope to see you around! I am finally getting around to a blog and an Etsy store and here you are moving on! Luck and best wishes!
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I really appreciate your comments! I recently started a blog and was always wondering if I was doing it "right" but now my perspective has changed! I am going to do what feels right for me and hopefully it's all good!
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