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Because, some of your good friends from your past, can and should have a place to catch up with you personally. I have recently this year given in and joined my friends on Facebook. I like you had avoided it. (Facebook has become a problem for some school teachers. My conclusion is that it is partially their fault that it was out of control. Mainly because they allowed their children or students from their classroom to join their accounts.) I never ever tell anyone at schools I work at that I have a page. I have relegated my site to only good friends from either my high school, college days, and a few select friends, from my last 10 years.(I also do not allow random people who ask for friendship to join.) .....On the + side of thing about Facebook.... (1) I have personally found it to be a really great way to talk to someone in real time. (2) My mother and I have traveled a lot to foreign countries and my Facebook page has been an extremely nice way to share these pictures. The Facebook download is very fast and it allows one to organize full pages of digital media at a time.It is also a good way to share those pictures with others that have been with you on those trips. Look into it, and look me up. (3) Sometimes its nice to just catch up with old friends. I have not truly changed very much. I am very much still the die hard liberal feminist you remember from Grade School, Junior High and High School. Were still both not married...if your interested in why? Look me up. It's probably for some of the same reasons you still are not.(4) Kevin the best reason of all to join Facebook is to catch up with people like me that you have lost touch with who would love to talk to you again. * Mom says hi! ....she will be retiring sometime this next year. (5) We also have an apartment in Paris you can see pictures of it on Facebook. So if your interested in getting away from America one of these days its always nice to have a place to go that is free. (6) I have also had the chance over the years read most of your articles and still see glimpses of that person who was my best friend for 12 years. I have followed your flight from your chosen town of New Orleans to Portland and now back to the Gambit. I have also listened to your - U-tube reporter friends talking about the closing of the local community papers and the explosion of the blogs as new sources of news. (7) You probably know little of what I have been doing as an adult member of this society. For instance, I am a teacher. I do still play my cello.(8) Its a great way to exchange and distribute videos from many sources, music, breaking news, share political ideas, organize marches and gatherings, etc. And lastly, I would like to hear what has happened to your parents besides the occasional passing comment from you like we don't get along well. (From one only child to another) do tell me more.....I am also on as good a choice , but it does allow Hemet High School to find my mother through me for her reunion news etc. Her (50th) was this year. I took her to it. Now that was fun times.........LOL... Be hearing from you and seeing you soon I hope on Facebook......Laura L. Schall
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