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Awesome post -- this is definitely one of the better ones I've seen out there on Facebook's Graph Search. I just shared it with my friends and followers! :)
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@Joel - wow, whew, yes that is very very scary. I would dissuade your daughter from using Facebook Places until we all know much more about the safety of the app for minors. It is certainly frustrating to not be able to switch off 100% - we are at the mercy of Facebook's decision as to what they deem okay to share publicly. By the way, sites like and pull up any content that is viewable by everyone.
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Hey Joel - if your daughter is under 18, Facebook has this in their terms about protecting minors: "We are committed to protecting minors who use Facebook. Until their eighteenth birthday, minors don't have public search listings created for them, and the visibility of their information is limited to friends of friends and networks, even if they've chosen to make it available to everyone. This does not apply to name, profile picture, gender and networks, which are visible to everyone so real world friends can recognize them." Thanks for your kind props, btw! This is a super sensitive and uber important matter for so many folks. Cheers @marismith
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Excellent read, John. There sure is a lot of confusion surrounding these Community Pages as there are User-administrated ones that look and feel just like fan pages... and then there are the auto-created Facebook-administered pages. Some brands might have literally hundreds of them and it could be hard to discern the official fan page. When doing a search on Facebook, the category for Community Page is just "Page" - that's how I've been able to quickly tell so far. Obviously the look and feel of the wiki-page is different when you get there too. Makes sense what you say about these CP's being no different than pulling up a Google search with a bunch of blog posts about the brand. It'll be interesting to see where FB go now with this one.... ;) Cheers, @marismith
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Excellent post, Chris. I do agree that Facebook has simply become far too robust for anything to happen that will do lasting damage. It's unfortunate some folks are deactivating their accounts... I just cannot imagine ever doing that. I'll weather any storms, even if I'm the last person standing on Planet Facebook. Lol. I'm with Zuckerberg all the way... even if the Community Pages are a mess, peeps are up in arms about the Open API and all manner of privacy issues. We'll work it out, we always do. Onwards.
Fantabulouso!!! THIS makes me uber proud to be Canadian!! (hehe, okay so I'm also part Scottish and now live in California, but still, I was born in Canada). Aw, gotta say I like #9. hehe! Cheers, @marismith
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