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Robert, I couldn't agree more! But I guess LaGrange wanted to back out of that pawn shop deal. I guess a business license doesn't mean anything to them. Did you know that Elmhurst has a pawn shop? I thought LaGrange wanted to be just like Elmhurst, that is, afterall, the only reason LaGrange is now allowing bowling alleys in their central downtown business district. Elmhurst has a bowling alley....but they have pawn shops, too! Citizens beware!!
What exactly does "wash"? Do you really think that LaGrange was justified when they gave a business license to Grayson, told him that his business would be welcomed with open arms and then worked vigorously to revoke it? They also convinced him to sign a lease on a storefront and hire contractors and other workers. He did everything by the books and followed every rule. All those crooked politicians wanted to bleed him dry and allow him to wonder if he can continue to support himself, his wife, his 9 year old stepson, and his newborn baby. LaGrange's politicians are a bunch of pompous, hypocritical, immoral jerks that deserve whatever lawsuit comes to them. Just imagining that they can even sleep at night knowing the games they played makes me sick. Treating any potential business owner like that is disgraceful. On a more positive note, thank you for posting this article.
Are these business licenses going to be revoked, too? La Grange does seem to think that empty storefronts look more appealing than an actual tenant. Plus, I really wouldn't want these places to steal any business away from the wonderful Mr. Lapidus. Since these places are being allowed, he must not see them as a threat. After all, we all know he actually runs this town. Asperger and others change their tunes just to conform to Lapidus' desires.
Well, with La Grange's way of doing business and treating its potential business owners, a license may quite possibly be given for a strip club. But, within weeks, all those nervous politicians will scramble around feverishly trying to figure out someway for it to just all go away. Then just like that, "poof", the business license will get revoked. So, I don't think a strip club will be opening up any day now, but watch out for signs in windows! Plus, a strip club isn't exactly comparable to a pawn shop. I would think a pawn shop would be more comparable to a resale shop. But, resale shops are just fine with LaGrange. No one brings stolen goods there. Well, at least not to their knowledge! Ignorance is bliss, I suppose.
I would have also been SURPRISED to see a sign in the window saying All Star Jewelry and Pawn Shop. Want to know why I would have been SURPRISED? Because that was never the name of the business nor the name on the sign. It was All-Star Jewelry and Loan. They have not yet banned pawn shops, that decision will come on July 13th. Either way, LaGrange should have made a decision on whether or not pawn shops would be allowed long before Mr. Grayson received a busniess license for a pawn shop. That's quite hypocritical on La Grange's part. Also, sounds like this could be racially motivated. Maybe we can get Jesse Jackson on Mr. Grayson's side? Or maybe LaGrange can stop being so pompous and realize that pawn shops can be a help to the community, not a hinder. Give the man an honest chance. If no one wants to do business at his shop, no one will and he'll be run out of town anyways.