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Haven't read this yet; sounds a tad like M.T. Anderson's "Feed" though .... you might be interested in reading that one.
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on The Knife of Never Letting Go at Teen Read '09
This is the book that I have been recommending to EVERYONE .... I finished reading it a few wks. ago and was blown away at the story. It's not gory or horrific (in detail) & yet is so mesmerizing in the subject matter. I just can't get over how much I enjoyed this story ... since I'm not a fan of fantasy/SF I would say that Collins is amazing to be able to hook someone like me. I'm waiting for the sequel w/great anticipation!! Katniss is certainly an amazing character!
Toggle Commented Jul 10, 2009 on Hunger Games - whet your appetite at Teen Read '09
A great read indeed! Even though I knew there would be more to Peter Coleridge than just being a "good guy" on the scene when he first appeared, I liked how the story played out & the ever-building sense of suspense! And of course, I love the historical fiction aspect of the story.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on What I saw and How I Lied at Teen Read '09
I absolutely loved this story. I thought it was such a profound statement on the immigrant experience ... I love reading triumphant stories, and this one fits the bill. Also, how can you resist that stunning cover?! It's so gentle and so inviting to find out the connection between the young boy and the cow!
I was looking forward to the release of this book last year since I loved Green's earlier novel, Looking for Alaska. However, I was very disappointed by Paper Towns; I may be in the minority on this, though! Margo was not a likeable character, and Q's journey to 'find her' got boring. I just didn't feel very connected to the Paper Towns characters. Consequently, I didn't care if Margo was found or what would happen with her friendship w/Q!
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on Paper Towns by John Green at Teen Read '09