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Thanks for the info Dan Matesz. I agree being 50 lbs lighter and feeling good is much better than having low LDL? I do not intend to change from low carb to fix the LDL. Even if the carotid test shows some plaque I will try and aviod statins. I may ask for some Nicain to improve my HDL and LDL if they keep pushing the statins. I am not loosing much wieght right now. I have not lost anything for 90 days or so. I am 6 foot droped from 250 lbs to about 193 since Aug. The last few months I have been doing some strength training. Even though I have not lost wieght for a while I think I am changing some fat to muscle. I would not really be concerned about the high LDL if my HDL had gone up also or if my LDL partilce size was type A. Thanks again. This is a great blog.
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Thanks for the link Cynthia. It will take a bit to read and understand it.
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Hello, I have been doing paleo since Aug 08. I read this blog daily and it is one of my favorites. I have dropped about 50 lbs and feel great. However, my blood lipids are not what I would call good. My LDL has gone way up from 116 pre paleo to 191 on a recent VAP test. My HDL has not moved at all. It stayed at 34. Trigs came down from 280 or so to 109. My family doctor wanted to put me on a statins a month ago. I asked for a VAP or NMR test first and got one. I am disappointed in the VAP results. As I stated, my HDL has not moved and my trigs are down but not down anywhere near the level I see others report. My particle size is classified as pattern AB a mix of both small and buoyant LDL. I was really expecting higher trigs and better size pattern. Here are some of the indicators: LDL 191,HDL 34,VLVD 27, Lpa 3, IDL 20 LDL R 168, LDL +VLDL3 36. The doctor wanted to start me on statins again. I am holding off but he recommended a carotid Ultra sound test that he says is pretty new. He said this test can predict plaque in the heart arteries. I am scheduled for this test. I am 55 year male BTW. If the test shows plaque the full court press will be on for statins from both doctors and family. Do you or maybe some or your readers know how long it takes for the HDL to come down? Is 9 months enough to see the HDL improvement? I am also wondering what the range is to move from pattern AB to pattern A. Are my numbers on the margin from moving up to pattern A or maybe the opposite just out of pattern B? Thanks for the blog I have learned a lot and really enjoy it. Rick
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