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At the top of our list is to have the drawing list also show what sheets were issued with different revisions.
Toggle Commented Aug 13, 2009 on The Drawing List Neighborhood at Inside the Factory
Here is a quick run down of the some of the issues that we encountered. We are a structural engineering firm and we tried to use the copy monitor functions, on a 28 story concrete constructed condo tower. The arch had started the model so we thought it would be a good test. We copy monitored the grids, levels and slabs. We thought it would be nice not to remodel all the slabs since the arch was going to own or control them. I will say that levels and grids worked great. We had serious issues with the slabs though. 1. Since it was early DD every time we got a new model the list of changes was mile long. It took almost a day to go through the list of changes. Which is partly because of the way the dialog box is organized and interacts with the model. It would be nice to have the ability to sort the list with more options. For slabs it would be nice to have them listed by level. This way I could see each slab element that changed on a given floor, and also quickly isolate elements that are close to each other. Also the interaction from the dialog box and the model is clumsy and needs to be improved. If you are going to have a tool like this you need be able to find and isolate elements quickly in the model. You also need the ability to work in the model and without having to close down the dialog box, because when things change you want to see how that change will affect the element surrounding it. I think this is a dialog box that needs to have the ability to dock some where. You should be able to highlight or select elements form the list and quickly isolates those elements in the model. Also the “show element always seems to find the most obscure view that the element is shown in. I think it should search through the views on a sheet first. 2. If the architect deletes a slab and puts a new one in its place. You will get a message that an element was deleted, but you won’t get an message saying that a new element has been put it the model and do you want to copy monitor that element. 3. Point and line slopes didn’t copy monitor slab came in flat in our model even though arch had sloped them. 4. We had some trouble with openings in slabs not getting moved or showing up at all even though they were clearing in different spots in the models. It could have something to due with #2 but I didn’t research it to much because this was the last straw, and decided to scrap the copy monitor and just linked the arch slab into our model.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2009 on Copy/Monitor Documentation at Inside the Factory
I think it's great that Autodesk is looking for feed back, but I agree 100% why revamp the documentation when that fact is the tools itself needs to revamped. We don't use copy monitor because it's not worth the pain and in some instances just doesn't work. Fix the tool then work on the documentation.
Toggle Commented Aug 7, 2009 on Copy/Monitor Documentation at Inside the Factory
A couple things you describe what the different wall functions do, but what are their purpose? For schedules? Also it states "■ Foundation - wall foundations are members of the structural foundation category. The structural base of a building that provides stability and rigidity" This isn't true wall functions that are set to Foundation aren't part of the Foundation Category, they are still part of the wall category.