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Either way, the citizens of the State of Arizona lose. What is being done at that Office? I mean other than cases brought to the AG from outside entities? Nothing proactive.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on A Duty of Candor... at Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit
The AZ AG's office is well-stocked with persons who have passed the bar exam and little else. The pay is embarrassingly low and there is no one to mentor the newbies. One case in the criminal division lasted for eleven years because the "prosecutor" had never tried a case. The court appointed attorney, on the other hand, became a rich man off of this case. All he did was file motions. When the motion was to be heard, the "prosecutor" simply called in sick and someone else ran down to the courthouse and got a continuance. After ELEVEN years, she was finally told to get rid of the case. Instead, she resigned.
Toggle Commented Sep 22, 2010 on A Duty of Candor... at Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit
ccburro wants to rant and rave about Al Melvin. It is no secret that member of the school boards and teachers follow him wherever he speaks. At these meetings, he is harassed relentlessly by school teachers who want to rant and rave and take over the discussion. And it's the same old stuff from these so-called educators: MORE MONEY FOR THE CHILDREN, AND LET'S GIVE ILLEGALS WHATEVER THEY WANT, AND ABORTION IS A-OK. So, I applaud Al Melvin for staying away from these people.
Napolitano was the Bully of Arizona. If we had a newspaper or an investigative reporter brave enough to expose her (Ugh! that conjures up an ugly picture), the people of AZ would have seen her true colors. She turned the AZ Attorney General's Office into a social work agency by hiring dozens and dozens of attorneys FOR THE CHILDREN. JayNo's fall-back position was 'it's for the children.' Now, JayNo is on to bigger and better things (getting her picture on Drudge frequently) and we find out that nothing was FOR THE CHILDREN.
Check out what Sonoran Alliance has to say today about Horne.
Robert Mayer must have been corrupted by John McCain and his minions ( like Grant Woods). They are experts in attacking people. They've come out so viciously against Jesse Kelly. Sounds like a GREAT reason to VOTE FOR JESSE!
Doug Nick: Can you say that Mr. Horne will actually do some real law enforcement (and I am not talking about cases that have been referred by outside agencies--like DPS--for prosecution? Because, since the time of Janet, the Criminal Division has been neutered. That whole place needs a good house-cleaning. The citizens of AZ do not deserve a Chief Counsel or Chief Agent in the Criminal Division who got the position because of political favors. Where are the pro-active cases? Where is the grant money going? (Hint: Medicaid). The citizens deserve better than recycled, retired PHX cops who have either have no experience doing investigative work or are just working to get another paycheck on top of their retirement. Look at how many agents have NO REAL EXPERIENCE AS A DETECTIVE IN A POLICE DEPARTMENT. How about the dozens and dozens and dozens of civil attorneys hired by Janet to work on programs "for the children." Can you tell me that Mr. Horne will do things differently. Because I CAN tell you that the people of AZ are not being adequately served by the Atty Gen's Office.
Cary: Waaayyy Too Sensitive. Just vote for Horne. They enforce the law? Really? Oh, maybe you're referring to sending the agents in the criminal division out with underage volunteers who try to purchase booze and cigs from local convenience stores. Or maybe it's the sweeps at the local Park & Swap to see who's selling knock-off designer purses? Or the best one yet: Goddard giving one speech after another about "guarding your identity". Napolitano effectively castrated the AG's Office. Perhaps we should ask all candidates to drop their drawers to see who has the anatomy to do the job.
To Csry: You said: "The last time I checked, that office enforces laws. It doesn't make them. . ." As someone who worked there, I have seen little evidence that the AG has been enforcing the law to any degree. The AG's office has a large Civil Rights section. Is that civil rights for all, or for select groups? You accuse me of trying to turn the AG race into a pro-life issue. In fact, I am concerned about the character of the person I vote for. Tom Horne better practice his running skills, because the only thing that the Criminal Divison does anymore is plan their yearly running trip to Nevada. The people of AZ are NOT being adequately protected by the AZ Attorney General's Office.
Greg, I ask you to please examine your conscience. You state that you don't care about Horne's stance on abortion. Consider this (as a citizen and as an attorney): “The United States of America was founded on the conviction that an inalienable right to life was a self-evident moral truth, fidelity to which was a primary criterion of social justice. The moral history of your country is the story of your people’s efforts to widen the circle of inclusion in society, so that all Americans might enjoy the protection of law, participate in the responsibilities of citizenship, and have the opportunity to make a contribution to the common good. Whenever a certain category of people—the unborn or the sick and old—are excluded from that protection, a deadly anarchy subverts the original understanding of justice. The credibility of the United States will depend more and more on its promotion of a genuine culture of life, and on a renewed commitment to building a world in which the weakest and most vulnerable are welcomed and protected." Pope John Paul II, in an address to Lindy Boggs (Ambassador of the United States to the Holy See), Dec. 16, 1997. I would like to send you a bumper sticker which has the precious face of an infant, smiling. The words read "SMILE, YOUR MOM CHOSE LIFE." To what address may I send this?
John McCain spends decades in Congress, and all he can do now is attack? He stopped listening to the people of Arizona a long time ago. McCain and McKyl may have a 10 pont border plan, but the best plan ever would be to elect J.D. Hayworth. At least he meets with the folks living at the border and they respect J.D.
Goddard's not using his criminal division, maybe he'll send out the agents to walk the neighborhoods. they'd do anything for him, as long as they can spend state time working on the logistics of the Baker to Vegas Law Enforcement Run each year.
The staff at the AZ Republic newspaper could have decided to be part of the solution, by digging for and reporting facts. But instead, they decided to be part of the problem.
I attended a Dem meeting last Fall. Goddard said (and I've got it on tape)that he could do for AZ what Obama has done for the country. Does that make you feel safe?
Snakes on a plane: Mayor Phil flying off to another "let's hate AZ" conference More snakes on a plane: The AZ Congressional delegation flying to Washington, D.C. to do ANYTHING but help us. Yeah, that 10 point border security plan is really working. Dangerous snakes on a plane: The ones that Obama is sending her to meet with the Governor. Don't let them in, Jan. They'll probably "bug" your office.
Awesome karma. I hear that Ecton, Klapp, and McCullagh are filing a lawsuit against the hat maker. Hope that the troublesome triplets can play nice.
Boo hoo hoo, the Rag has to read Expresso Pundit to get the news. Instead of surfing the net, do some real investigative reporting on Phoenix politics. Start with the mayor. A whole career could be spent on that alone. Cry me a river.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on Cheap Words at Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit
Greg, You could recycle one of your titles from last week: Shame on them. Simply, Shame on Them.
Toggle Commented Jun 9, 2010 on Cheap Words at Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit
All gave some, some gave all. Gov. Brewer's dad gave all. We have people calling themselves journalists who are only promoting an agenda. Thank you, Greg, for reporting the truth.
Was he speaking as the attorney general or as the undeclared candidate running as fast as he can toward 1700 W. Washington? And do we know if Terry wrote the e-mail or did he get David Leibowitz to write it?
I know for a fact that when Napolitano sent a few AZ Nat'l Guardsmen to Nogales, they were not allowed to do enforcement. They changed oil in Federal vehicles and did admin computer work. Obama, feeling the heat, just used a page from JayNo's playbook. JayNo did it then to make Bush look bad, Obama does it now to take the wind out of Brewer's sails.
But did you predict that an Atlanta news anchor (WBS TV's Justin Farmer) would come here to do two great stories about the border while our own Mark Curtis goes to sea on a aircraft carrier? That's what I call gettin the Hell outta Dodge. Should've taken Terry Goddard with him.
McCain is without a soul. He was the only one, during the presidential debates, who could have told us chapter and verse about Obama's dismal voting record in the Senate and Obama's complete lack experience. Now, during the AZ campaign, he ran ads saying that he goes up against Obama and doesn't mind taking the bruises for doing so. What? Saw McCain the other day in a Seante hearing with Napolitano regarding SB1070. It looked totally scripted. Why won't he agree to debate Mr. Hayworth, if he is so confident?
Greg, What about keeping your event in AZ? Plenty of wonderful resorts in the state. Use a little critical thinking---keep the money here. Please.
My liberal neighbor went ballistic because he had listened to the local news regarding this subject. I visit Tucson frequently and was able to adjust my neighbor's thinking. (Once again, our media spins instead of reports) Why do we continue with school districts for every municipality? Why not COUNTY School Boards? Years ago, the AZ AG was doing investigations into how the school districts were spending money. When the dirt started coming to the top, the investigations were shut down. Lots of funny business going on with taxpayer dollars.
Toggle Commented May 13, 2010 on Extra Credit at Arizona's Own Espresso Pundit