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Pieter - that's awesome! With 95% browser support, I'd say SVGs are on the table. As soon as we're out of alpha, at least.
"Google is sick and tired of us all building sites incorrectly… This is what it feels like to be scolded." I disagree! I think Google's approach has always been to be a good web citizen - to give to the community in hopes they'll give back. Why give away 1GB of space with Gmail while everyone else was giving away 0.02GB? Because we'd love them for it. And similarly, this page is full of the types of things developers go ga-ga over.
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I'll agree, they overstepped by offering coupons for free food beyond what they were capable of providing. It was likely the promotion from Oprah that put them over the top, which should serve as a lesson on effective vs. overeffective. Not being a TV or radio consumer, the only place I saw the ad was in restaurant windows. It struck me as an effort to realign their unhealthy-sounding name with a healthier alternative. "Unthink" read simply as "rethink," and I left being curious about their new menu offerings. I see it as a realignment effort, and as such, I don't believe it needs to have longevity.
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I think the first ad is much more effective than the second. Like you said, the first is uplifting and inspiring. You feel like one of the people in the ad and want to leave and improve someone else's day. The second has the same idea - people want to good/the right thing. But it never offers any solutions. "…they just don't know what it is," offers the commercial, and never finishes the thought. How does Liberty Mutual play into this? Do they have advice for what to do with your aging father? While the first one left me unresolved in a positive way, the second left me unresolved in a negative way.
I think this hits on an idea I hear surprisingly little about in marketing classes - the idea of brand association. Say somebody likes The Doors. They might like them based purely on their artistic & musical merits. More likely, they are in-part reacting to the experiences they had where The Doors provided the soundtrack - high school, a drive to the beach with friends, a movie they enjoyed. These positive experiences have rubbed off onto the Doors brand. Similarly, McDonald's is setting themselves up nicely by aligning themselves with a good time in London. The good experiences of their trip will rub off onto their brand. While the effects might not be increased sales in the short-term, we can see in the first example, the effects can be quite long-lasting. Ze Frank offers some fast-paced insights on this:
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I think you're forgetting that a URL can fit in 140 characters. While it would be difficult to effectively brand yourself using individual messages, I've seen quite effective advertising created via hyperlink. Take for example Panic Software's "Panic Sale!" ad, which received over 13k views for the 3-day event: Granted, their Twitter feed isn't all advertising, either. There are anecdotes from people around the office that make you feel closer to the team. It gives you something you want to follow. This also hits on what I think Twitter's greatest strength is to a marketer. People who get Twitter generally use it as a means of "thinking out loud," by making observations or asking questions of those around them, digitally speaking. This lets marketers see untainted and unfiltered thoughts on your brands, as wells as your competitor's. It can also be used to track whether or not something is generating buzz, or to respond directly to a customer complaint. (This does occur, and is insanely effective) I guess the point is that Twitter can be a great tool, so long as its benefits are understood.
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