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The 1970's was a very good time for film books 1st movie books I read- Fritz Lang In America, John Ford & Allan Dwan interview books by Peter Bogdanovich. Great design exciting stills & lively stories B Movies by Don Miller- a survey of the B's from 1933 to '45 written by someone who saw them first run & remembered. From the sadly short lived Curtis film Series edited by Leonard Maltin Bogie by Joe Hyams & the Films of Humphrey Bogart by Clifford Mccarthy. It was because of Bogart in All Through the Night that I fell in love with movies. Each Man In His Time By Raoul Walsh. Inspired by the success of Frank Capra's Name above the Title publishers rushed to get other golden age directors to tell their stories. This one is hilarious! Men Who Made the Movies-the companion to the PBS series. Wellman , Vidor, Hitchcock, Walsh , Hawks in their own words. Mother Goddamn- A Bette Davis bio annotated by the empress of Warners. The Moon's A Balloon & Bring On The Empty Horses By David Niven. He was there he knew them all & remembers them with affection. Great storytelling. Val Lewton By Joel Siegel. Memo From David O. Selznick The Pyraimid Illustrated History of the Movies series. The Great Movie Stars by David Shipman Laurel and Hardy by Phil Hardy Dames & The Heavies by Ian Cameron Films in Review magazine
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