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I would say he has the capability of hitting them, so I'm going to say yes,... but not after a few attempts. All of a sudden I'm in the mood for some Pepsi! Good job Illuminati!lol
Toggle Commented Apr 13, 2011 on Must-See Goals: David Beckham at Soccer By Ives
No Neymar or Elano tomorrow but plenty of fuego in Santos to make you envy their talent. I can believe most of the folks here don't watch Libertadores! I can't wait for one day to have at least two MLS teams in that competition.
I strongly believe that Europeans are trying to get all of our young guns with serious talents and bench them overseas so that the U.S development process slows down. They know sooner of later the U.S will become a powerhouse in the futbol world therefore they must bring us down as much as they can. It's my story and I will stick to it! ;) On a serious note. I would rather see him play a couple of full seasons in the MLS, although training at Madrid wouldn't be such a bad idea. Sooner or later there has to be a first young under 20 American to make an impact in Europe, why not start with Agudelo... he has tools to become that first player.
To be fair, this is Chicharitos first goal against a giant. Also, most of his goals come from a great players putting the ball on his feet for him to walk it in. Your acting as if he is hitting headers and shooting from 20+ yards out, come on now. The guy has a good vision on where to spot himself, there is no denying that. But to say he is better than Dempsey I will have to say not for now. Also Dempsey switches positions very often for his club and USMNT.
Posting from my iphone is a big mistake! It seems that some sentences didn't make it to my final post. Sorry if the post doesn't make any sense to you guys, but you guys get the idea. :)
Dempsey and Chicharo the two best players in Concacaf?...hhhmmmm. I agree that Chicharo has much more talent on the squad, and most of his goals have come from Nani taking 150000 defenders and sliding them in the box so that they could be tap in. Not taking anything away from Chicharo, but most of his goals have come from beautiful servicing. Dempsey on the other hand hasn't had that luxury through his career. Also Chicharo hasn't really scored goals against top flight EPL teams just yet, most goals have come against the lower table EPL teams. Ruiz?lol Ooook. He needs to be in the top 4 leagues to be considered to the debate. Here is my top Concacaf players overall since 2010. I would have ranked Chicharo two spots higher but because he hasn't been in Europe long enough to sell me the hypebeast, I will keep him in at 6. 1. Donovan- poster boy for Concacaf 2. Howard 3. Freidel 4. Dempsey 5. Jones 6. Chicharo 7. Dolo 8. Palacios
Go to a NBA game and trow a Banana on the court, you will eventually figure it out buddy. Common sense guy. The Russians & Polish never surprise me with their racist shenanigans. Lack of education or understanding of social differences is their issues as a whole.
Giving yellow cards for taking off shirts and penalizing NFL team for excessive celebration in the end zone is just RIDICULOUS! Refs and some people forget that at the end of the day, It's a freaking GAME!!! Why society wants to apply the full ethics crap into GAMES is beyond me. Talk about taking the fun out of sports in the last 10 years or so. What's next, get penalized for showing emotions on the field. Phony! Taunting was one of the best things about sports back then. Reggie Miller use taunt us in Chicago back in the 90's, and I hated him for it,.. but damn it felt good when Pippen did it right back to them in Indiana! Emotions is a big part of sports.
I agree. Although I don't agree with getting rid of Rongen or anyone in the staff. Actually I find our staff to be an allstar one starting with Rongen. There was two mistakes on the field tonight and Guatemala took advantage of them, simple as that. The score should have been USA 2-0 in the first 20 minutes of the game to be honest.
This is devastating to U.S soccer!!!! I can't believe it whatsoever. Rowe is one of the biggest chokers in U.S soccer history. Wasted opportunities through out the whole game. The ball should have been played through GYAUN and only him. This man right here is a beast. I feel for Gyaun,Garza,Letget. For those that think this team isn't as important as the senior team are plain remedial. This is as important as the senior team. Today's loss takes our youth system 2 steps back in the process. Najar should have played for Panama instead.
Good for him. We already have a player similar but better in technical abilities and so on. His name is Freddy Adu. We are ok with his decision.
Toggle Commented Apr 5, 2011 on Najar opts for native Honduras at Soccer By Ives
Let's go Madrid. On a sucky note, Najar to play for Honduras. Good luck to him.
Andy deja de joder y escoje los UNITED!lol Let's see here, Andy could play for a top 20 team in the world, or take a step back and play for an Honduras team that could possibly make a good run in the future. I strongly believe that if he chooses Honduras he is taking two steps back in his career. Let's face it, the kid is going to get married with a N.American girl, have American babies, and retire somewhere in Florida. Also, if he is looking to further his career in Europe the States would be the place to be. BB won't be the USMNT coach for ever. Andy juga con los "UNITED" y deja de fregar vos!:)
I hope MB starts getting at least a few games in the EPL. He is a good player for us and does the little things on the field that helps us win. With that said, I'm also glad that we have a variety of players to choose from in the midfield. Disk,Benny,Torres,Adu,and Bedoya all have the talent to be that midfield offensive weapon we are in need of. So It's a no lose situation for us. The USMNT will be fine with MB on the bench or not, we have others. Him being a regular starter for us even though he rides the bench is a no go for me.
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2011 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
Tired? He hasn't seen much playing time besides the USMNT. Dempsey and the gang when 90 minutes or so. And they are starters in their team meaning if someone is tires, is Dempsey and the rest of the USMNT players who are regulars for their club. Let's me realistic, you love justifying everything that says Bradley in a
Toggle Commented Apr 4, 2011 on Americans Abroad: Weekend Rewind at Soccer By Ives
All the games of the USMNMT sub-20 are live on xbox 360! Also a few EPL,la liga, serie a, and the match between Twente vs PSV all on the 360 live.
I respect your opinion, but some of us are HARD core USMNT fans so therefor consider this to be extremely important. I personally love to watch the sub-15,17,20 USMNT young guns.. I think the more exposure futbol gets in this nation, the more importance they will find the Sub-15 etc.. games. Garza & Gyun are just nasty on the field! You are missing and going to be missing some beautiful futbol being played by the sub-20 USMNT! ;) ... probably the most talented group I have ever seen in the U.S sub-20 history.
Yeah, I was thinking the same. That sub-20 team is amazing, he's probably going to miss out on a Concacaf trophy.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2011 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Anyone know if Agudelo will joing the sub-20 team in Guatemala? I googled, but no luck.
Toggle Commented Apr 1, 2011 on Americans Abroad: A Look Ahead at Soccer By Ives
Here is my wish list. If Chuck is having a great season in the MLS in two months, no question he needs to be called in. The whole point of the National Team is to get players that are in rhythm and on FFIIIRREE! Here is my players I'm going to be pulling for. Charlie Davies & Freddy Adu. Two great technical players that could do some serious damage up front. Buddle & Sasha seem like a waste of roster spots. I'm hoping Chuck & Adu take these two guys spots. Hate it or love it!
I personally thought Bradley was decent in the Paraguay game, and in the Argentinian game he was decent for 35 minutes or so. For those saying that Bradley had the better performances out of the three might be a little misleading. Keep in mind that he was the only one out of the three that had 180 minutes of playing time. Jones exit in the Paraguayan game let Bradley & Edu have more breathing room in the middle, therefor better play. I think if Bradley exits that Argentinian game in the second half and MO & Edu would have taken over, I strongly believe we would have seen better results than the Bradley and MO/Jones. Right now in my opinion EDU is a better player overall than Bradley. Bradley does have a strong heart for the game, but Edu is much more natural as a futbol player overall. Jones by far is the better of the two. Those who can't see it are probably in denial.:) Overall I'm glad we have decent talent in our pool to have these arguments. EDU & JONES is what I would like to see.
Anyone who has a xbox 360 go to the ESPN page and there you will find the sub-20 game. This team is a prime example on how to play the game of futbol! Absolutely amazing futbol!! My hats go to the brilliant coaching staff of the sub-20 team. Gyau & Garza are absolutely amazing with the ball, the back line is, of the chain. Everything about the game of futbol is in this team. Just a joy to watch! Like I said, if anyone has a 360 your in luck, the game is available to watch there. A++++ For that sub-20 team!
Well the biggest fact on who is better is easy,.. Holden has been one of the top players for his club in the best league in the world, while MB is barely a top 50 player in the Bundesliga. Now that he is in the best league in the world, he is a bench Holden is a better technical player and a better distributor, pure fact. Games don't lie.
The positive thing I saw with the U.S team overall is how well they receive their new teammates. Agudelo and Chandler were a great revelation for us. Some players looked a bit rusty or just stiffed around the field, but overall they were solid. The only person that looked bad in the friendlies was BOB BRADLEY. His decisions in both games were not so good. And please, don't preach to me about how BB was testing out his players for the gold cup, because the same rules apply to HIM! I have all the confidence in our players, It's BOB's decisions that scare the crap out me.
Absolutely disappointing! We dominated the game, but came short in 90min. No goals no win simple as that. I'm sick and tired of anyone saying, oh, we played better than last game, YEESSS, of course we did... It was Paraguay we were playing, not Argentina. We are much better than any team in South American besides two teams on paper,.. we need a better job in finishing games. Agudelo,Dempsey,Jones,Chandler,Eric,Bradley,Ream,Demerit, all had a decent game. Edu,Donovan,Jozy, struggled a bit. Bornsstein completely sucks!!! I'm tired of seeing him in a US jersey. Bring in an Adu to have some sort of creativity on offense when we can't win the game in the air. Getting 4+ touches but can't create spaces is pointless. We are becoming like Mexico... we can play with the best in the world, but struggle against teams that are less superior to us.