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I went from laughing to crying from reading this post! I love the title of the book! I had to laugh. It sounds like you are close with your dad. That is wonderful. You must be so excited to see the family next week. Looking forward to that post when hopefully you share menu's, the fun, and pictures! The tears began when I read the last paragraph. I lost my dad last June just before Father's Day. He died of pancreatic cancer at only 60 years old. So I will take your advice and try to find a way to honor him. I have been avoiding the card aisle for weeks. I still have moments when it hasn't yet registered in my head, or maybe my heart that I don't have a dad anymore. Worse than that, I didn't appreciate him enough when he was alive. So everyone enjoy the holiday with father's and family! Its those little moments that matter the most! Making memories...
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