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"Crazy comes in all religious and non religious colors." ------- Yes, MAO, but which religion demands vegeance on the part of their G-d? Which religion stipulates the murdering of those who reject religious ideology? How many Catholics have beheaded their wives because of apostasy? How many Jews have run over their daughters? How many Buddhists have hunted down their stepdaughters and shot them to death? How many Hindus have raped and then shot their daughters for rejecting the family's religion? "Muslim extremists, those that take it that literally, are no less crazy than groups who commit mass suicide." Which group committed mass suicide? Are you speaking of Jim Jones in Guyana? That happened 40 years ago. Nothing on this planet can compare to the terror that Islam has set upon humanity.
Pamela- Father Beyond-Me had the misfortune of being stuck in Lebanon during the Hamas-led war against Isreal in 2006. One would think he'd learn what these people are all about. I hold 2 degrees from SLU which means I'm on Biondi's "winter greeting" list every Christmas. He also makes annual trips to the University of the Americas to protest military intelligence training. He's a Jesuit, what can I say? They have more living ex-members than active members.
I believe that our Constitution and laws exist to protect this nation - they do not grant rights and privileges to enemies in wartime. In dealing with terrorists, our tax dollars should pay for weapons to stop them, not lawyers to defend them. --------------------------------- WOW! I hope this sentiment is contagious.
Toggle Commented Jan 20, 2010 on 41st! at Atlas Shrugs
The same country that is putting Geert Wilders on trial for speaking the truth has put a jihadist with a bomb on a U.S.-bound aircraft. Wilders is the herald of truth, not only for the Netherlands, but for the world. This planet is turning to a new day, with much more strife and blood having been spent than if we had lived with our eyes open!
Pamela, you're onto something. I had many graduate school friends who were secular Iranians dreading the return to their home country because the Shah was out and the theocrats were in control. 35 years ago in Iran, things were quite moderate--no mandatory dress codes for women, many Westerners in-country and toleration of various religions. I am certain that some of the protestors shouted Allahu Akbar. And many were expecting a lesser evil than Ahmanutjob.Iranians are not all bad people. Just remember, all, what the US looks like to the world: the majority elected an unvetted Marxist who is taking the world's economy down the drain. No, we all didn't vote for Obama, but the world looks at us and sees HIM.
Pamela, thanks for providing coverage and information that the MSM will not. OT-do you know why Robert Spencer's site has been down > 24 hr? Another OT-do you have any inside info on the murders of retired NFL player Steve McNair and his 20 yr. old Muslima girlfriend? SOunds like a possible honor killing...and if it is, we'll never hear about it.