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No, holly, talking shit on a message board does NOT lower one to the level of a terrorist, you dumbfuck. Oh, and before you accuse me of "attacking" you on a message board, please stop and think about the meaning of the word "attack." Victims of rape, victims of terrorism, and victims of violent crime were all attacked. Do you still think you've been attacked, dumbfuck?
When it comes to comment posting styles on the 'Net, Paulbots are identical to Obots. Flying monkeys, they swarm in as a unit - squadrons - peppering the place with flying monkey turds. They drop their massive monkey shit bombs indiscriminately as they fly over and through the comments section, taking what could otherwise be thoughtful - or even just intelligible - discussions with them as they loop-the-loops and do figure-eights - vertical circles upon horizontal circles then followed by more circles. Around and around they go, serial posting comments, the same message or two or three, posted repeatedly by each flying monkey and every flying monkey posting repeatedly those same one, two or three messages, dozens of times in dozens of comments each. Each time the message is challenged or a question is asked by a ground-bound, wingless biped, faster loop-the-loops and figure eights are flown by the monkeys in the tight formation.
Some gratitude should be given the parents who wrote, too. If all parents of kids in public schools were as aware of what their children are being taught, we could all be a little more sure of the future of this country.
Toggle Commented Aug 29, 2011 on Email from a Texas Parent at Atlas Shrugs
I doubt that. Barky is history. He can't beat a potted ivy in 2012. His only hope is in a strong third-party candidate to split the conservative vote.
Oh, really? Note: Contrary to USA Today's report, what The Snuffelupogas presented to Bachman was one of the four versions of Barky's short form COLB that can be found floating around the Internet and not a "birth certificate." If you don't know the different birth documents available from the Hawaii Dept of Health, I suggest World Net Daily as a good place to read up and learn about them. Bachman can't even stand up to Georgie the Dwarf but you believe she would either chew up and spit out or chew out Couric? Puhleeze. While I'm at it, redefining "submit" to mean "respect" was anything but brilliant. In fact, it's very similar to what Islam has done. "Islam" means "submit." Yet, Islam has redefined its name to mean "peace." While it's true that Bachman should never have been asked such a stupid, sexist, "gotcha" question during that debate, and it's also true that she did good to come up with an answer at all and not just stand there, stymied, the answer she gave sucked ass. A better response would have been, "In our house, yes, I submit to my husband. In the people's house, I submit to the people." Note: This comment is in no way an endorsement for Perry...or Palin or Bachman, either, for that matter. Not one of those three, nor any of the others, either, for that matter, has ever spoken up about Barky's eligibility issues. Therefore, I remain only lukewarm about any and all of them. I'll support whoever the GOP runs against Barky but I'll do so knowing that each and every one of them is lacking
Like many other insane people, Ron Paul does have his moments of clarity and sometimes even comes up with some ideas that are brilliant or such common sense that those of us who are sane have to stop and wonder if one has to be insane, rather than brilliant, to be the first to say it. Auditing the Federal Reserve Bank is a no-brainer yet, as far as I know, Ron Paul was the first to say it. Stopping foreign aid when we can't even pay our own bills is another bit of common sense and reason that everyone should agree upon. We don't really need Ron Paul or any other nutcases like him. Instead, we need representatives who are both sane and still bold enough to speak the obvious truth.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2011 on Ron Paul Blames US for 911 Attacks at Atlas Shrugs
Ron Paul should be relegated past the fringe of the GOP and completely out of the GOP. Why the national Republican establishment continues to support him and let him call himself a Republican is a mystery to me.
Toggle Commented Aug 28, 2011 on Ron Paul Blames US for 911 Attacks at Atlas Shrugs
You people are insane. How many of your aunts are male? Maybe we're just weird, but in my family, all aunts and aunties are female and the males in my family can be uncles but never aunts. With that out of the way, I corrected an asshole at Gateway Pundit who said that Perry mandated forced Gardasil inoculations on little girls and little girls died because of it. Similar to Rose Colombo's comment here, yet much more dramatic, it was wrong. No Gardasil shots were forced on girls in Texas so, of course, no girls in Texas died from forced Gardasil shots. As for me being a shill, you bet your ass I'm a shill but I'm not a shill for Perry. Unlike you assholes who believe that saying any negative bullshit about those you oppose is cool, who cares if it's a big, fat, lie, I'm a shill for calling you on the lies you make up and repeat via Internet comments sections. You don't like Perry? Fine. You want to tell everyone why you don't like him? Go for it. But tell the fucking truth without exaggerations for effect. Once more, I'll attempt to let you know that the Gardasil thing pissed me off, too, and I brought it up every time Perry's name was brought up. If you were a regular reader at Gateway Pundit, Zelda, you'd know that. Perhaps you should try more reading and less commenting or, at the very least, Zelda, try not posting comments chock full of assholery. Fuck. I don't know why the Demonrats even bother to campaign when they could easily sit back and let the Republicans cannibalize themselves.
This has been a non-issue for several years. "Governor Perry issued an Executive Order (EO) (RP#65, February, 2007) which mandated that all Texas girls be vaccinated prior to their admission to the sixth grade. Parents were allowed to opt out of the mandate by filling out an affidavit. Perry was rebuked by both houses of the Texas legislature which overturned his EO by a veto-proof margin. Seeing the writing on the wall, Perry did not sign the law. He subsequently rescinded RP#65 with another EO (RP#74) and the issue is now dead in Texas. At least 18 other states (notably New York and Michigan) were considering similar actions with Gardasil, but none were actually implemented."
Addressing those points would be very helpful to those of us who are following this discussion.
Well, there is this photo of Palin shaking hands with Norquist.
Alex Jones is a disinformation agent.
From my seat here in the Undecided on Perry section, both those conservatives who support Perry and those who oppose him are starting to bear a startling resemblance to rabid dogs, particularly the snarling and the frothing mouths. If only the left would eat their own like the right does...
Eh. Pat Robertson and some other Christian leaders have said similar things, like "God" sent Katrina to flood New Orleans and an earthquake to destroy Chile because of Voodoo figuring prominently in the history (and present?) of both places.
No more Red Bulls for you.
I'm also a Texan. As far as Texas governors go, Perry's okay by me. I like him well enough that I voted for his reelection last year. I've even written to him a couple of times about issues that were important to me: one letter a plea, to which he came through, and the other a "thank you" for a bill he signed and I learned about after the fact (not related to the former). If he should win the GOP candidacy, I'll vote for him. (Of course, I'd vote for a three-toed sloth if the GOP runs one against Barky next year, so it isn't saying much that I'd vote for Perry if the GOP runs him against Barky. So, let me clarify by adding that I'd not hold my nose as I cast my ballot for him. I'd be okay with it.) As of today, I'm supportive of Perry in his run for the GOP candidacy, but I'm also supportive of some of the others in their run for the GOP candidacy, too, and I'm still hoping that Palin will run, as well. He needs to participate in the next round of debates and I'll then be better able to place him in the race for the candidacy. In regards to what appears to be his ignorance of Islam and his possible role as useful idiot to the jihadis, I first read about this a few days ago at BNI. Even though I didn't know what to think of it then (and still don't), I did share BNI's link in a blog post about Perry at Gateway Pundit. (We're each capable of making reasonable decisions about the GOP hopefuls if the information is made available to us.) As for me, I've read the two pieces - Pamela Geller's (the full article at American Thinker) and the one at BNI - and it seems to me that a lot more is being read into and made out of a few weak remarks, a couple of associations that may or may not be anything more than political shmoozing, and the presence of Norquist at a speech Perry gave. I'm not opposed on principle to the possibility of Perry as the (unwitting?) stealth jihad but it'll take more than the few loose bits available so far to convince me. For a supporter's defense of Perry (more than I'd give him on at least a couple of the issues raised, but still a good view from the pro-Perry side), read here: and here .
There are those die-hard Demonrats who, whether they believe it or not, will throw all of their support behind the Demonrat and give him or her a thumbs up. There are a significant number of black Americans who will also remain loyal to Barky regardless of his job performance. Also, there are those who get all of their news from their local newspapers and/or local news stations, sources that almost all bear a leftward spin, and those who don't read or watch any political news sources whatsoever. (Such people really do exist; I know a few from each group.) These misinformed/uninformed people may very well believe Barky is doing a swell job because that's what they're told. Put together, they made up the 39% most recently polled by Gallup. Incidentally, look at what I found while perusing Gallup's web site. Gallup Center for Muslim Studies I haven't read any of it and so don't have an opinion regarding the quality of the data found there. Still, I find it interesting that it's listed as one of Gallup's "key areas of focus." Scroll to the bottom of Gallup's home page to see their list of studies and how they're grouped and you'll see what I mean.
Prepare to see this play out again and again with every major contender who speaks the truth about Islam. We're screwed.
Toggle Commented Aug 10, 2011 on Pamela Geller, WND: Cain, Not Able at Atlas Shrugs
That man is a hemorrhoid.
Toggle Commented Aug 3, 2011 on Little Green Astroturds at Atlas Shrugs
A person who commits insane acts is not, necessarily, insane, and certainly not legally insane (legal definition of insanity is inability to know right from wrong).
In response to salvage (above): To sentence to death a man convicted of the cold-blooded massacre and murder of 90+ citizens, mostly children - a spree of savagery and inhumanity - is appropriate in a world that will not tolerate savagery and inhumanity. Only someone whose ability to think and reason has been so damaged by liberalism would equate the murder of even one kid at summer camp with sentencing the child's murderer to death for the crime.
To sentence to death a man convicted of the cold-blooded massacre/murder of 90+ citizens, mostly children - a spree of savagery and inhumanity - is appropriate in a world that will not tolerate savagery and inhumanity. Only someone whose ability to think and reason has been so damaged by liberalism would equate the murder of even one kid at summer camp with sentencing the child's murderer to death for the crime.
Then there's True Blood, with its message of social liberalism and its negative depiction of conservative Christians, as well as political conservatives, Republicans, etc. V, intended by writer Kenneth Johnson to be an indictment against Ronald Reagan, and The Shield, loved by Time magazine and Entertainment Weekly, multiple Emmy award winner, also promoted liberal messages. First in the list of activities and interests is "Founding and developing organizations," hardly a pastime of the average conservative. And what the hell does that guy, or most any other guy nowadays, know about Freemasonry? Puhleeze.
Yes, jihadists would most likely want to take credit, unless they have reason to believe that they can better promote Islam by not taking credit. Remember, promoting Islam is always the objective. Liberal extremists, on the other hand, may find it more beneficial to further denigrate conservative Christians than to take credit for their own handiwork, or even to let jihadists take credit for their own handiwork, even if, in the case of the latter, they only are able to keep the focus on conservative Christians for a short while before the jihadists get loud and proud. It wouldn't be beneath radical libturds to commit such acts for the sole purpose of pinning it on a conservative Christian, and therefore conservative Christians in general.