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I call fake on that facebook page. When his name was first reported (incorrectly) as Jared Laughner, I did a Facebook search within minutes. Nada. There seems to be quite a few now, some more obviously fake then others.
Just goes to show, it doesn't matter what country Muslims live in, they always display the same behaviour. Further on Muslim behaviour - on Saturday, there was a peaceful (if loud) anti-Islam demonstration in Birmingham, England, which was not reported by any mainstream media. Following that were 'Asian' riots - again, not reported. A phone call to a MSM newspaper to ask why they weren't reported produced a very angry reaction and the chappie on the phone shouted "don't phone again!". I suspect these two events had D-Notices issued for them. Hope JW is back up and running soon, Robert, and thanks to Pamela for taking up her bandwidth and web space.