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In March I bought 2 pair of Faded Glory black jeans. They smelled very strong of some type of chemical but I thought it would wash out.....I noticed it more when I was in a closed area than in a store, on the street, etc. and also that my skin and underwear smelled like the pants too when I took them off. I tried washing 4 times - regular soap, once with Odor Ban, and once with anti-bacterial soap. Then I realized it has to be a chemical and realzing that even after all those washes when I was wearing them, an odor more like a sweaty metallic smell was emitted (sorry, similar to a hard working construction worker or pipefitter - sweat/metallic). I got a bit concerned after it hit me it might be a toxic chemical. I also noted that if anything else was in the drawer with the pants, in the wash with them, or simply just laid on top of them briefly - after 4 washes even - they smelled and it could not be washed out. All Walmart wants to do is give me a refund for the pants, not anything for the other clothes. Made a complaint to a "complaint" site that is trying to help. Anyone had this problem...the woman says nobody else complained.
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