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I recently came across this page: Very worthwhile reading in my opinion. Namaste
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Actually the first electronic musical "instrumenT" was probably the Telharmonium invented in the late 1800's.
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Sri Robert, you've hit me where I live 8^). This is a beautiful article and I think it's about time someone formulated these concepts and expressed them clearly. Thanks for that! I'm quite familiar with the inner "unstruck" sounds that can be accessed through the heart chakra... These sounds must also factor in somehow as outer space can also be accessed through the heart chakra (the whole Universe as well!). Slightly off topic but I find the South American Shamanic traditions of each Shaman receiving divine melodies ("Icaros") from Source to be fascinating. The Shaman guides inner journeys by singing these divine Icaro melodies. The Shamanic Masters in that part of the world are also intimately acquainted with outer space. Finally, I'm a student of Astrology and also a composer 8^) of metaphysically inclined, adventurous (and meditative) electronic music. So far I've created tracks that reflect my perceptions of the planetary Essence of Mercury, Saturn ("Shani" in Sanskrit) and Neptune. I'd like to invite any interested members of The Cosmic Cantina here to visit my Sound Cloud page: I hope it's OK to post a link here. My music can be downloaded for free from my Sound Cloud page- just click the downward pointing arrow icon above each track. The Mercury composition emerged on a day in 2008 when Mercury was stationary and about to retrograde. Namaste~ Timothy
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