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Maybe SW isn't a socialist, and feels Gov. employees should not have these rights.
James, TexasTodd, or Sail'nTodd here. I was so pleased to hear your voice when I moved to Milwaukee (Franklin), some 18 months ago. (From Texas obviously). At one of the S. Walker rallies, I was fortunate enough to meet and talk to you. Keep up the message, keep the faith, I know you will. I'll start going to FB! -Todd
BHO has made it all too obvious that he was not qualified for the job. I tried to tell some of my frindes, and siblings, but they too were too gullible. As far as McCain goes, while I admire his service and scrifice also, He was a poor choice for the Repos on 2008. In 2008, the one with the most sense (Ron Paul, M.D.) was villified by the liberal press though.
Toggle Commented Dec 23, 2010 on "YOU LIE!" at The National Conversation (Raw)
Great! I'll be listening!
And many people I know actually fell for it. Intelligent, well-off people, including my own siblings!! I tried to tell them then that with his background, and lack thereof, that he was bad news for the USA. These people are so gullible, and so full of a perception of guilt. Oh yea, I'll change things-yea right. In my profession, I deal with people often not telling the whole truth. My gut reaction to this big eared guy was right all along. Had nothing to do with his skin color. James T.- you could quickly get a following faster than he did on the campaign trail- and we'd all be better off for it!!
Toggle Commented Dec 20, 2010 on "YOU LIE!" at The National Conversation (Raw)
It looked as though he went out of his lane, and into the oncoming lane (there was no oncoming traffic) to plow it down. Perhaps that was the problem? I personally really don't see why they should have asked him to resign.
You gotta admit, Condi has some class.
LZ, Just because he happens to be my president, he does not deserve any part of my respect. These azzhats voted him in, it's just too bad even they see it was a mistake. One Big Ass Mistake America.
sphincter boy strikes again!
jimspice, Are you mixing Ron, and Rand Paul up? Are you a T-party memeber? And you speak for the views as a whole for them? No doubt the man in the video has an ignorant way to gain attention to himself.
And can you believe, that 42% of people in WI still approve of this charlatan? THAT's amazing
And the Repo's will take back the house, and then Obammee will get re-elected b/c he'll say, 'see, I'm trying to get things done but the GOP is standing in the way'.
Toggle Commented Aug 16, 2010 on Real or Fake? at The National Conversation (Raw)
Bob, This guy's messages, although 'shouted', are so right on and to the point. Sure would like to meet him some day also. One for the bucket list.
This is an awesome movie ad. Tyranny is color blind- I like that quote. Every word of it is so true, thanks James t.
Toggle Commented Jul 27, 2010 on Runaway Slave at The National Conversation (Raw)
I've met Maddy Pie, once, and her husband. I've also had the pleasure of meeting James T. All of which are solid characters. Yep, I make it around here from time to time. Unlike Sherrod, when I want to be with 'my kind', I hang out with some other humans. James, this whole thread I thought was started about color and race, and how you were being critisized, etc. James T., from the first moment I heard you on the radio, (I've discussed that before), I was so drawn to your message for two main reasons. The first was the conservative (reality) viewpoint. The second, was that you didn't think with the color of your skin, and neither do I. Derek, dude,..... the republican party were all about the civil rights act. That is, until prominent Democrap Senators made sure it didn't pass the first few times it cam up for a vote.
The outrage? The outrage is that seemingly NO Main stream media ran this!! That's the outrage!!
Gov. Brewer, Kick his ass!!
Diane, Nice sum up. Word!
Good 'ol Bob, telling it like it is, once again. Maybe he should try decaf....J/K
This is one awesome parody, all true!
OK, this is it! Christie for Pres. 2012!! End of story. And all off teleprompter!!
Awesome Gene!! I say that as if I know him personally........well, no.