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My children wear skirts with built in shorts because they are 7 and 4 and apt to flash their Little Mermaid underwear at everyone if you ask if they like Ariel. I'm hoping you are past that stage in your life. Sit like a lady. Keep your legs crossed (at the ankle please). And keep your Vicky's Secret choices a secret from the rest of the office... there's no need for skorts! @ Maria- It's a critique group you need! Try, or Google critique group. Or check out the local library or university and see if they have a writer's group active. Everyone needs beta-readers.
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Well, consider me doomed. You may be short, but I'm pretty sure I'm shorter. Maybe I should hire a body double with an extra six inches of leg to do my book signings. What do you think?
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My favorite movie is probably something out of the Bourne series (at the moment- favorites subject to change), but I like Brooks better than Meyers so we might be okay there. I am neither a Red Sox nor a Yankees fan. By law I have to root for the hometown-team: Padres for baseball, Bulls for basketball, Cowboys for football. What? No one said I had to have one hometown! I do write book reviews, but I don't sell books. But I think our biggest friendship problem will be that I'm not on Facebook. *sigh* I guess we'll have to survive through blog posts.
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