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The Virtual Water Cooler
The day to day happenings of the Pediatric IBD Foundation as blogged by Foundation Programs Director, Kiki Kochergin.
Interests: The Pediatric IBD Foundation is committed to discovering revolutionary treatments through cutting edge research for children with Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis.
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So often we focus on the bad days with IBD. But there are good days. Good days with no flare ups, few symptoms – days when IBD sits quietly in the background. The next time one (or hopefully a long string) of these days roll around this summer, take a... Continue reading
Posted Jul 19, 2011 at The Virtual Water Cooler
I live in a historic area of Boston and summertime brings in a steady stream of families touring nearby sites. Some residents find it a nuisance. I think it’s a wonderful reminder for each of us to take a little time away on these slower, longer summer days to do... Continue reading
Posted Jul 11, 2011 at The Virtual Water Cooler
Wanted to let you all know how the Winter Blues Charity Concert went. The 3rd Annual Winter Blues Concert was held at the American Legion Hall on February 12th with local band Men of Cause and went off without a hitch: a full house, rocking 125 people and raising almost... Continue reading
Posted Feb 26, 2011 at The Virtual Water Cooler
Join us for a night of music and fun to forget about snow for a while!! When: Saturday, February 12, 2011 at 8pm Where: American Legion Hall, Peter Kristof Way, Medfield Featuring: Men of Cause (formerly Mid-Life Crisis) We have just the cure for your Winter blues! Dance the night... Continue reading
Posted Feb 5, 2011 at The Virtual Water Cooler
I was on the bus at 7am this 14 degree Boston morning wishing I was still in bed when I happened to look out the window. There, alongside the bus, making his way up historic Bunker Hill - was a runner. He was covered head to toe in black. His... Continue reading
Posted Feb 4, 2011 at The Virtual Water Cooler
We have a team of runners in the Boston Marathon this year and can’t say how appreciative we are about their commitment to children with IBD. I’ve lived in Boston all my life, watched the Marathon many times both in person and on TV. This year, for the first time,... Continue reading
Posted Jan 26, 2011 at The Virtual Water Cooler
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Jan 23, 2011
Do you remember when TV ended at a certain time and signed off for the night? When at 1 or 2 am all channels played our National Anthem and then went to fuzz –nothing but gray static or test patterns nonstop until the next morning? Thinking back, it was kind... Continue reading
Posted Oct 22, 2010 at The Virtual Water Cooler
I'd like to share a short series of videos about Pediatric IBD that I recently watched. The videos are the work of the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. They are informative, compassionate and concise - a wonderful combination that makes them worth the watch. The series consists of 6 short clips... Continue reading
Posted Oct 3, 2010 at The Virtual Water Cooler
The school year has started once again, in some parts of the country earlier than others. I love the line from the movie “You’ve Got Mail” on autumn, ‘ If I had your address, I’d send you a bouquet of freshly sharpened pencils’. The first day of school is a... Continue reading
Posted Sep 19, 2010 at The Virtual Water Cooler
I shop at our neighborhood Whole Foods Market probably once a week. Every so often, I bump into part-time employee/full time student Will. Will is very tall (I am not) and has reached many a high shelf for me over the last couple of years. He is invariably pleasant and... Continue reading
Posted Sep 15, 2010 at The Virtual Water Cooler
I was thinking this morning about the amazing anonymous gift that we received (and I blogged about) yesterday. I also thought about the relationship of money and of research. What did this donor purchase with their gift? What does our research offer in return for the monetary investment? And what... Continue reading
Posted Sep 14, 2010 at The Virtual Water Cooler
Something really amazing happened today. An anonymous donor pledged a $250K matching gift to the Biome Genome Research Initiative!! The generosity and kindness of this person truly touched me when i was told about it this afternoon. Especially in an economy where we hear stories of people's financial hardships so... Continue reading
Posted Sep 13, 2010 at The Virtual Water Cooler
There are so many exciting things going on at the Pediatric IBD Consortium to share with you! Did you know that we are in the middle of our very first official fundraiser? Infusion nurse Cassie Lee from our Atlanta site will be running for Peds IBD in this year's NYC... Continue reading
Posted Sep 12, 2010 at The Virtual Water Cooler
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Mar 15, 2010