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Joyce (ext. 9598)
California Psychics
Out beyond ideas of right doing and wrong doing, there is a field. I'll meet you there. ~Rumi~
Interests: Namaste' I love Astrology, it's my passion :) Astrologer, Empath, Intuitive, ACIM, Buddhism, The Healing Path, The Arts, The Sciences (Medicine/Psychology), Philosophy, Botany (especially subtropicals), Animals and the Natural World. I am fascinated by things unseen and unknown. I don't think we ask enough questions :) But, like Emmanuel says...The mind is just a tool to get you to the gate. Once you reach the gate, you leave your tools behind.
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Jan 9, 2010
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Jan 1, 2010
Thanks for posting this wonderful article Jen. Yes, like Amelia and Jacqueline I agree, its just everywhere :) Here's a perfect example... Warmest wishes, Joyce #9598
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Nov 5, 2009
Namaste', This is such a powerful topic. I've always felt my connection with the creator, and that my gifts are a direct result of my open-ness to all things. As an astrologer, my readings are science, but my spirituality makes me who I am :) Have you all seen this yet? Its so cool and kinda runs along the same lines :) Much love and light, joyce #9598
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Hi Jen and everyone :) I feel that Karma is not a punishment per se, it is actually only the energy that we send, being sent back to us :) The higher our frequency/energy emitted, the less difficulty from karma, the lower the frequency/energy emitted, the more difficult karmic lessons we experience. Ultimatley, we are only really experiencing ourselves reflected back to us. So this guy will most likely experience the same or similar done to him...he may have actually had that happen to him BEFORE he met your friend, Jen. From my perspective, what causes our pain, is actually a result of being psychologically attached to an outcome that simply does not occur. As sensitive beings, once we feel "love" for someone, we also get feelings of "vulnerability" that go along. So, deeply inside us, we create unconscious agendas around this "love". Agendas that make us "feel" safe around this example would be, Oh this wonderful amazing love, makes me feel so vulnerable? What if I get abandoned? What if it doesn't last? What about if he/she cheats? But, if I'm his/her girlfriend/boyfriend I wont feel this way! So, we go on to become the girlfriend/boyfriend, but, funny, the vulnerability is still there? This could go on even into marriage, and guess what? The vulnerability is still there. Evidenced by our high divorce statistics. Ultimately you discover that there is no "safety" in love. None. It is all simply our ego trying to make us "feel" safe. All we can really do is be who we are in the moment, and feel what we feel, as well as be truthful about our feelings to our partners. People grow and change in many different ways, there is no way to make a binding promise of eternal love, without putting our relationships in a type of cage...I think many times we make binding commitments before we really do know a person deeply and other times we simply choose to change directions and our partner does not want to go the same way. My guides say that endings should be just as beautiful as beginnings, but we have pain because we've become attached to this particular result, (my guides used the line "till death do us part" as an example)that simply did not occur. In my first year on the line, after one particularly long day in which every single caller was either cheating on or being cheated on by their spouse, I was exhausted. I layed my head on my pillow and said under my breath..."God, why?" In that moment I was not prepared for any repsonse, let alone an audible one, but this is what I got... and in a very stern, almost but not quite angry voice, he said... "Love is not monogamous!" (It kinda made me shrink back...huh? What does THAT mean? I totally did not understand this response) Then, I heard in a COMPLETELY different voice, almost like an angel, very soft, very beautiful and she said... "Love is simply not a monogamous energy. Love constantly seeks to expand itself. Anything that limits love, is not love" :) If we truely love/loved another, we could never lie to them or break up over a text. But I think you can only get to that place or state of awareness if you will, when you've truely fallen in love with yourself first :) joyce #9598
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Michelle, I'm so excited to see you here! I loved all the pics on your blog and the vid was chose the PERFECT song! I totally loved watching it. I sent all my animal loving friends to your blog/link also...its just such a wonderful idea and you made it fun as well as humanitarian, brilliant, brilliant, brilliant! I can't wait to hear what happens just watch :) Warmest wishes to you sweet Michelle, joyce
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Hi Suzan, What a wonderful story, I've always dreamed of going on a vacation like that :) You had me floating on the canoe with you! I also wanted to let you know that I spoke with one of your clients a few weeks ago. She was so dismayed of your absence and really missed you! I so hope she finds you again :) Many blessings and Welcome home! joyce #9598
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Hi Lise... I'm so happy to hear that. I've had some few misunderstandings, but it hasn't been too difficult thus far, lol :) This week might be a doozy though, there are many aspects coming up in the next few days, until the new Moon in Virgo hits, which is exact at 2:44p est, on Friday, the 18th. Until then, be safe and sweet! Namaste' joyce
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Sep 9, 2009
Hi Lise :) How cool is that, another Merc retro person, with a right brain and left handed! It would be very cool to do a study of all Merc retro people to see if they have unusual tendencies, like left handedness and right brains...I'll bet there's a huge number! For me though, I can still fumble during a Merc retro period, being informed with the time frames is really important to me. This one goes retro just after midnight (est) on the night of Sept 6th and goes direct at 9:13am (est) on Sept 29th. The full Moon in Pisces on Sept 4th will unite with the Merc retro movement...could be some surprising secrets coming from the past, and/or issues regarding water/plumbing, transportation and/or equipment malfunctions. It will be interesting for sure, bless us all! :) Namaste' joyce (#9598)
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Dear Paisley... I know this is late, but I tried to send you a note much earlier, not sure if you ever got, I don't even remember which blog I put it in, lol :) I really just wanted you to know how much I LOVED and was touched by your note/ beautfully put... all of it :) Let go and let flow is my new mantra! Warmest wishes to you beautiful Paisley :) Namaste' joyce
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Hi Fran :) I had you both on my mind, lol ! Yes, and like Gina Rose I was born with Mercury retrograde, as well as a right brain and left handed! Also for Limelight about horoscopes...astrology allows for many complex variations in an individual, like a fingerprint. Many of us have contridictory aspects in our nature. For example, if you are an Aries, but your ascendent (rising sign) is Taurus, you might not look/act like an Aries at might be quite shy (because your Sun was in the 12th house, a very private house) or you might take on the more Taurus demeanor (because Sun in the 12th can be very chameleon like or possibly Venus the ruler of Taurus, was powerfully placed). But, make no is a very precise science, no different than a weather report on tv...there will always be variations and elements of surprise :) Namaste' joyce
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Hi Lise, lol...I hope so :) FYI...Mercury is going retro on 9/7 its already starting to slow, things could get bumpy...and miscommunications rampant. Choose your words carefully these days. The good news is that we'll probably run into friends from our past! Namaste' joyce
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Dear Lise, Ooops, I addressed my note for you above, to Fran instead! I'm very sorry...I should know better than to mess around on Typepad before I've had my first cup of coffee :) Namaste' joyce
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Gosh, I can't believe I didn't mention the new network series that I'm also enjoying very much, Merlin! Here's the link if you wanna check it out. Namaste' joyce
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Dear Fran :) You are very welcome! I enjoyed our conversation so much. Astrology can be much easier to learn, once you memorize the basics, just like learning the alphabet, certain information must be committed to memory. Start with the 12 signs, Aries through Pisces...these 12 archetypal personalities are the cornerstone of understanding astrology. In a nutshell, the signs and the houses (or constellations)and their planetary rulers, are pretty much synonymous, so once you memorize the personalities of the signs, you will also have understood the energies of the houses they rule and their respective planetary rulers, at the same time! My favorite way to study the signs is to imagine all of my friends of that particular sign. Take Aries for example...look for the commonalities in each Aries person that you know, and pretty soon you will start to recognize the patterns. Actually, they will become kinda obvious once you get the hang of it :) Now, that you have an understanding of the Aries personality, you will also have an understanding of the first house on the zodiac wheel, the house (constellation) of Aries and you will also understand the energy behind the ruler of Aries, the planet Mars. With baby steps, you too can learn astrology! I so hope you will try :) Namaste' joyce
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Hi Cubes :) Awesome, I think you'll like it. I just noticed on the SyFy link below, if you scroll down the page to the bottom, you can watch all the episodes previously aired on your computer. I can't wait to hear what you think. Namaste' joyce
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Hi Jen and Cubes :) Medium is my fav and has been since the very beginning. I particularly loved the episode where she gets hired by a corporate America type conglomerate to predict upcoming business trends :) But hey, there's a new show on SyFi channel called Warehouse 13 and I've fast become a total fan, love the cast and the concept. Artie has a psychic gift and so does another character (can't remember her name tho). Here's the link...I've already tivo'd the first season :) Namaste' joyce
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I wanted to take a minute and address the "one day off" prediction situation mentioned above. For me, astrology is a science and like any science we can make predictions based on what we know, as relates to what we know will come next :) Since the energies of planetary alignments are "building" energies...they are growing in nature over time... Sometimes the energy of an alignment will hit us a day or two, even a week before the actual alignment becomes exact. Sometimes there might even be multiple events that escalate a situation over weeks even months, to its conclusion at the time of exactitude. So, knowing up-coming major alignments in advance can be critical to decision making. For example, tomorrow at 6:01am/est there will be a new Moon in Leo! You can get ready for new beginnings involving your love life, your kids and/or your creative projects. Remember to be kind to each other as the old makes way for the new :) Namaste' joyce
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Aug 19, 2009
I adore this question, as an astrologer, it was this type of question to myself that began my quest to understand the science of Astrolgy to begin with :) I remember back in high school (and that was a long time ago, lol) reading an astrology column and it saying something that had happened to me the day before...almost exactly to the letter, but the day before! I simply had to find out what was going on in the heavens, that something could have been predicted a week earlier and only off by one day? It just fascinated me completely. Thats how it all started really, that and the incredible need to understand boys and the nature of romance, lol. I got hooked on Linda Goodman's books and so began my passion for this most often mis-understood science :) I would go to parties and guess what sign a person was, it blew me away that I could be so accurate, and yet most people of the time made fun of it? I truely believe that we should have all been taught the basics of the science of Astrolgy in elementary school, and that any of us should be able to look at an Astrological calendar or wheel and understand current and upcoming transits, let alone the basic archetypal energies of each Sign/Constellation. Gosh, when we look at a map of the national weather paterns, we know what they mean, right? We can recognize a hurricane coming, we can even predict when it will hit. But, that's only half the picture. Our physical weather is actually precipitated by the Astrological weather! If it were up to me, we'd all be astrologers by now! Namaste' joyce
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Hi Courtney :) I so enjoyed this story! I love all the flying things, birds and butterflies...they seem everywhere around me this year. I'm so grateful for their presence, they truely can make a gray day bright. About 3 months ago I discovered a small Screech Owl on a low branch in my backyard. Not being familiar with the Screech, I thought it was an abandonded baby, for days on the same limb. I even called the Birds of Prey div/Audubon for help. LOL, only to find out that it was a mature male (6 to 8 inches) guarding a nest in the limb just above. Happily the pair gave birth to 3 babies and I finally got to see them a few weeks ago, all in row, on the branch above their dad. Honestly, the babies were the size of golf balls. All this in my very backyard, what an honor! I do believe the birds and all animals really are messengers for us. I believe in signs of all forms from the universe. They all say "pay attention" something is up. With an owl it could be to take your time and be wise about things or it could be someone is leaving or like Gina Rose said, it could be great good luck...or even possibly all of the above, there seem so many variations :) Mary T, for me butterflies say...hey, slow down and feel the breeze, look how beautiful we are, how can you not just sit and watch us our magic in the air? They get my attention with their amazing colors and then they tell me to chill, lol :) I've always had a difficult time though, with an animal any animal, becoming identified with only the negative energies. They are truely magnificant creatures and I've pleasantly come to find out, they come in very small packages indeed :) Namaste' joyce
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Aug 7, 2009