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CONGRATS JASON & ASHLEY! She's gorgeous. You are blessed. Can't wait to meet her!
I miss rope climb workouts. Longer runs (I can't believe I said that); they were great to keep things varied; I improved my run times a lot! Plus more sprint work. (Just my 2cents, but if people don't show up for these workouts it's their loss because the whole point is to do different things). More jump ropes would be nice -- I like the cheap plastic ones the best -- the ones that come with black & green & red handles, even though they break the most and that's why we don't have anymore. Tumbling mats and do more tumbling work. I know I probably didn't answer your question, but thanks for listening and asking Jason!
Tacos look awesome! Do I need to sign up for seminar? Where is it and what time?
I agree, thank you Jason. I feel good so far! Do you have a time yet for Greg's seminar this Sat? Do you have any info on NorCal sectionals yet?
Level 10 folks: Are radishes, jicama, zucchini, or yellow crook necks allowed / disallowed?
Is Jicama considered a starchy vegetable? Wikipedia says it's a tuberous root. The challenge says no "starchy tubers." Is that the same thing?
Any of you Level 10-ers know if eating seeds are ok? Like pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, etc?
I'm in. I'm thinking all the way to level 10, but no nuts will be very hard. And no added salt!? If I cook everything(no processed), and I don't add any salt... don't I need *some* salt? And only animal fat and coconut oil? Not even canola or olive oil? What animal fat do you use... I don't tolerate butter. Details,details... blah blah blah
Billy, I thought you were leaving us just because you didn't like us and so I decided you were a big loser, but if you're going to train FOR THE OLYMPICS(!) that's so awesome and I wish you the very very best. Will definitely miss you. I will always appreciate the pointers you gave me in lifting -- they really helped me get to the next level.
That was a super awesome backflip, Jason! Cynthia, I would consider going with you!
I'd like to participate in the Weekend Warrior series.
I'll be there Cynthia.
WAY TO GO JANEL! Congratulations -- you look fabulous! For only having done xfit for 4 months, this is an amazing accomplishment! I love all your responses above, especially "Unfit or CrossFit -- You Decide" How perfect.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2010 on Janel Kratky at Athlete Profiles
Jason - what a touching and very informative message! You were absolutely amazing and I admire the level of courage, personal conviction, and altruistic perspective you have for yourself, your fellow competitors, and all the people who make up our cool community. You are an inspiring human being for us all. Congratualtions on your outstanding accomplishments over the weekend! I am so proud and privileged to be a part of your gym and receive your training gifts.
I love the video! I'm planning to go to the Fun Run. See you there!
Count me in on the fun run.
Good job Eric! Woohoo -- one for CFSJ!
Congratulations Graeme and Nick. Awesome!
I would love Oly from Austin! C&J if I had to choose, but either is great.
Congratulations Danny! You are really blessed. Miss you at the gym and can't wait to hear more. Hope you are getting some sleep.
Congratulation Ben and Stacey! You both look GREAT. And Ben, your performance numbers really improved! Wow. Good job you two -- what dedication. And congrats Cynthia for a successful program!
Having read all the comments, I agree that simpler is better and CFSC loud and clear that could be easily seen from afar would be my vote. I am also proud that JK is my trainer!
Mike and Heather congrats on your perfect and beautiful baby! I like blue better. And I'd like it even *better* if you could order female-cut t-shirts or tanks too.
Great video Jason and Gary! I'll participate in the Paleo challenge. Congrats Megan!
The design look cool but I'm not sure about the gray. I don't like how your current gray shirts make the writing hard to read. I agree with Stacey that we need tanks or women-fit shirts.