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Charles Duffy
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Snakebite, the Opti's MBB ("motorized bottom bracket") doesn't pedal for you -- it pedals *with* you; you're still expected to keep up a cadence around 85 or so for it to run at peak efficiency. I'm just as sweaty after my 15 mile commute on either the Opti or my old bike -- but on the Opti, I'm averaging 20mph door-to-door even when I hit all the red lights, and my commute ain't anything close to flat. Also, the $14K OB1 is for folks who want to pay for all the bling; the cheaper models are still ass-kicking, beautiful bikes. (I get compliments from motorists pulled up next to me at lights, and the components used make the cycling geeks go gaga at every shop I've gone to -- sometimes even the same folks who've turned up their noses at the thought of an e-bike before they saw it in person).