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I hear John on lead, Paul on high harmony. George becomes very evident in the background at 2:40. Imitating a voice is something. Imitating three voices? Nearly implausible. Per Wikipedia, "John C. Winn, was asked his opinion about the song and was quoted as replying: "The only surprising thing about this is that so many people still believe it might have a Beatles connection, despite the fact that no evidence of such a title has turned up in the EMI tape log, the Lennon home archive, the 80 hours of 'Get Back' sessions, copyright records, any written documentation, or any interview (Paul, Ringo, and George Martin have all been asked about 'Peace Of Mind' and/or 'The Candle Burns' and it didn't ring a bell with any of them)." The song is good. But it is not commercial. Lucy In The Sky received cries for censorship. To let the public know this is the Beatles would be the same as putting up a billboard stating, "We do drugs. Groovy. You should too." Paul may not remember it, or he may not want to remember it. They were most likely tripping when this was recorded. This is not something they would have done a professional recording of at EMI, and no, they did not record all their demos at EMI, they had Brunnell tape records. Per Paul, "Brunnell are the best, even if the knobs do fall off". Per the claim there's not enough high end, the more you multi-track with analog recording, the more you have to boost the high end with equalizers, because you lose some with each generation. June 16, 1967 Paul's on the cover of "Life" for admitting taking LSD. Reaction was not good. We don't want to keep this topic in the public's minds, and they certainly tried to be inconspicuous about it around George Martin. EMI? Bright fluourescent lights and technicians in ties and lab coats. See why the idea of a better quality demo at EMI never would have happened? As for "Circles" inspiring this song, there's the problem that "Peace Of Mind" was uncommercially available years before "Cirlces" surfaced, plus, it's not as musical in my opinion. "A safety pin returns my smile..." the words are too clever not to be Beatles. Those who regard the lyrics as meandering could stand to learn a few things about imagry and tone poems. What would be the point of someone wanting to make a musical name for themself sending an utterly uncommercial demo to Apple? "Look, we can sound just like you, if you were drugged out and recording in 1967?" It seems more than a little stupid. Would Trash (releasing in 1969) approach Apple with a demo years out of date extoling hallucinogens? Would they be that ignorant of the Beatles legal problems (per Sgt "Bring Your Own" Pilcher) with drugs in 1969 that they would present this to Apple? Hardly. "If it was of importance to the group, then more instrumentation would have be present." Come on. Any musicians out there? When you make a demo, you're trying to capture and sound and a feeling. You're not worried about sparsity of production. The same logic should be applied to Harrison's original demo of "While My Guitar Gently Weeps." Surely if he cared about the song, he wouldn't have done the demo with just an acoustic guitar, which is identically how Lennon demostrated "Strawberry Fields" to Geo Martin. I question the contention that the Beatles didn't finger pick guitar until 1968. What exactly was the intro of "I've Just Seen A Face"? "who in their right mind would ever think this is the Beatles? Even my Beatles-newbie boyfriend can tell!" Beginner's luck is not a known characteristic of musical insight. The Residents first started recording in 1969. and the Beatles parody album was released seven years after "The Candle Burns" was found discarded. Throw five minute instrumental sections on the beginning and end of the song, and it might be more Klaatu's style. "I wish someone could find out who did it and we could get a more cleaned up version." It's a demo. This is as clean as it gets. "they (Cobain's demos) are murky, perhaps deliberately murky to help fool the public." I know I don't try to fool the neighbors with what I put in my trash cans. The denying logic is weak.