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If you don't like Jack's views, why are you listening to NPR? They're plenty of one-sided shows on the AM dial. NPR is the place where dems,moderates and independents go for balanced news coverage and analysis. Anonymous, Rush, Sean, Levin and Beckman are on WJR 760! This is not Fox News!
I know I'm in the minority, but I have long admired Gov. Granholm and her hard work in difficult circumstances. She's blamed for EVERYTHING and given NO credit for her efforts in re-inventing our economy. Maybe we need a Guv with business experience, if so, perhaps a republican will win. The dems certainly have no one running that can win. Cherry's a good guy, but has ZERO personality. 2010 should be the republican's year! Ugh.
Points well made, Jack. Thrasher might be worn out from all this talk, but it makes no sense to cut routine procedures from our most vulnerable. Preventive care is so much cheaper, as well as the right thing to do.
It's amazing how much power the NRA has in Washington, D.C. The vast majority of Americans have ALWAYS supported sensible gun laws, but a small faction of gun nuts have fought against ANY kind of background checks. I know the slippery slope arguments but it's all garbage! Why we can't outlaw the purchase of uzi's and semi-automatics to those not in the military or law enforcement, makes NO SENSE to me! Canada has tough laws and their homicide rates are practically non-existent compared to ours.
Another great piece, Jack. Wish people cared about things like this as much as the latest celebrity death. I watched Jackson's memorial like most others, but know they're are more important problems. Glad to know we have NPR and Jack Lessenberry to keep us informed!
You're so right Jack! The city council gets all the attention, and rightly so, but plenty of crooks lie within suburbia, it's just not investigated as much. You're right, with newspapers shrinking, where will our watchdogs come from? Very scary, indeed.
We'll always go through problems, that's life in general. I think we have a chance to re-evaluate our values in life. We've all lived above our means for years and now we've hit bottom. Maybe we'll figure out how to live within our means and make banks and corporations more accountable in the future. In any event, enjoy your essays on NPR and appreciate your unbiased views. Keep up the good work!
I admire Gov. Granholm a lot. She encountered a mess from Engler and I KNOW she's always had our best interests at heart. Maybe it's time for a republican governor. If they can think eliminating the small business tax will solve all our problems, they're surely mistaken. I think the best thing we can do is to better educate our workforce, especially older laid off folks. I agree we need incentives as well, but our problems are complex and not easily fixed, even by republicans.