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Wow, first in line, a rarity for me, love these colors.
It's me again, I just love seeing my name in lights, Thanks again for the win! Wish you could see this little umbrella spin, very cute.
Just hopped over to pick up new challenge and discovered I had won the $50 gift certificate. Yay, Thanks so much!!!
Wow, I'm first, amazing, and I actually think I've got the right colors this time. Thanks for the fun challenges.
Oops, I only read monochromatic, you'll have to delete me, my entry is pinks.Sorry, I'll read more carefully next time.
I haven't attempted a shaker card yet, but boy have you inspired me. The inside and out are fantastic. Beverly Gotthardt
Toggle Commented Jun 10, 2009 on Sketch Sample Shaker Card at Prairie Paper & Ink
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