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Aron, I take your point but have been fortunate that the VW diesels are available to us. These engines run at a much lower revs and therefor are so much less stressed. We are lucky enough to have the Ranger, Toyota etc with diesel motors and it is not rare to find one with 200thousand kilometer, still going strong. The only concern in the US would be the standard of mechanic that will work on these vehicles. We used to get the F250 in South Africa but Ford stopped importing these as it cannot compete with the smaller trucks and was not very popular. Our rural conditions, especially in the Kalahai are much more extreme than anything you have and, these diesel trucks and cars are gaining in popularity all the time
Paul, it is quite clear that you are jumping on to the bandwagon, being totally uninformed. This truck is powered by an European diesel, developed by Audi and, unlike the ineffective V8 trucks you produce in the USA will actually do its intended job without having to stop at every gas station. It will tow better than most American V8's as the engine pushes out more torque tha does a much larger V8. Anyone with sense will rush of to buy one, swhould a truck be needed,