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Gordon - I read somewhere that in fact ALL non-smokers die eventually. Vampires are THE exception, of course. And I believe I've got the 'statistics' somewhere to prove it................
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Energetic - Have you ever sampled the delights of La Diva Nicotina, or are you one of those timid fellows that never even tried ? No matter. You make some rather challengeable points: First, you claim that a 'little smoke goes a long way' (if only !), and that it 'interferes' with the enjoyment of food. Well, NOT in my case it doesn't ! Smoking positively ENHANCES the experience - rather like the company of an attractive, perfumed lady. And one would have imagined that the likes of Keith Floyd and Anthony Worrall Thompson had demonstrated a certain 'respect' for food, wouldn't you say ? But since - like most smokers these days - I respect YOUR freedom, I imagine that you are in favour of either a) a choice between Smoking and Non-Smoking venues or b) a requirement for sensible segregation, supported by the installation of a smoke-extraction system ? That way, we are BOTH happy - yes ? Any alternative answer would stongly suggest that you are (I regret to say) just another of those Dreary Fanatics who imagine that they are somehow cleverer than me. I'm sure that you are not (a fanatic - or cleverer)! Second,as to your privileged access to the dreaded 'statistics', I hope that you are NOT referring to those used in support of that cunningly contrived nonsense known as 'Smoking-Related Diseases' - you know, the ones which include the death from Emphysema of the 45 year-old man who NEVER smoked in his entire life ? I'd be obliged if you would share this new, unimpeachable Source of Truth with us. We are QUITE used to dissecting the OTHER sort, thank you. Third, with regard to your generous suggestion that we smokers 'insure' ourselves against the statistical improbability of extreme self-harm, do you not consider the £8 Billion (net) that we contribute to the Exchequer a sufficient premium - one that YOU (happily) do NOT pay ? Since this is sufficient to meet the entire annual drugs bill for the NHS, how, pray, will you replace it - should we smokers suddenly experience a mass conversion to your timid Little World View ? A tax on Yakult, perhaps - or jogging (which damages the knees, rather expensively) ? Fourth, although you don't wish to 'fund self-abuse' by smokers (nice piece of Nazi phraseology there - 'masturbation of the lungs' etc), why ARE you happy to 'fund' us later on in life as dribbling geriatrics, when EVERYONE knows that Smokers Die Younger (it says so on the packet) ? Or are you as selective with the Economics as you are with the Statistics ? Last, if you seek to press a distinction between my 'liberty' (sic) to smoke in my pub with my landlord's permission (it's HIS house - not yours) and LIBERTY, then you are neither intelligent nor humane enough to advise ANYONE - even a PCT. Nicht wahr, Kamerad ?
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