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Evan Thomas
San Diego
Entrepreneurial minded 21 yr old living in San Diego. Currently involved in Real Estate and REO's
Interests: Business, Martial Arts, Philosophy, Travel, People, New ideas, Music
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Nice post on being open Ben. I've been working on this actively for the last two years and have had tons of opportunities come from being able to listen to everyone openly. The way I look at it is that every person I meet, regardless of their intelligence or attitude, beyond what I may learn in the conversation, I'm going to learn a little about myself. If you view a conversation with someone as an opportunity to learn about yourself then you will be very willing to engage in it. Our nature as humans is impermanence and a constant state of change, so every new perspective or person we meet allows us to compare that person and how they are with ourselves and to see through this comparison what we are and are not. This is why I love traveling so much. To put it simply, "every person I meet that’s different than me tell me more about who I am not, the more I know who I am not, I understand who I am." Any travelers agree?
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