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Dear Mark and Dallas, My heart goes out to anyone that still has family connections to BCF and MCF as their difficulties are too numerable to mention. The families that have been able to leave with their family still intact have had sufficient information of the 'spiritual wicknedness in high places' to foresee what is ahead for their young family and, as Moses delivered the children of Israel out of Egypt, have saved their own children or young adults from an abusive, manipulative, ungodly regime. Sadly it is very hard to make this break unless the whole family is taken interstate or overseas, and in this regard the Connor family can truly honour their father and mother as they had their children's interests at the very heart of their being. The sad situation is that (and was for us), unless the head of the home sees the dangers of their current church associations and acts to terminate those associations, the family gets tangled into a web of a 'not so holy' path to walk in God, then, who can untangle the mess? Only God can help out here, by much prayer and supplication. Having said all of the above, there are people who are endeavouring to help ones like Dallas that are feeling frustrated by the never-ending indifference between family members, and feeling they need to keep a code of silence to calm the waters. I trust that I am not stepping out of line by posting this link from your site Mark, if I am then I am sure the Moderator of this site will delete the link - which is as follows: God Bless Glen
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