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Dear Sir, While I agree that the news angle is important, I believe that primary focus should be given to a simple comment, "What's in it for me?" Writers need to focus their attention on outlets that will reach their intended audience. In other words, don't write a piece for the geriatric generation and send it to teens. Research your topic and your media outlets first, then write your message in a way that means something to the readers. When print was king, "What's in it for me?" meant, "what is in it for me, the reader of this publication?" If it took 300 or 500 words, no problem. Now, though, the on-line media rules the world and comments need to be much more succinct. People reading anything must be told--like a fist between the eyes--why they should spend a few seconds or more reading what follows. If the topic does not interest them, they will skip it and move on. Instead of sending blanket emails and hoping a few will find targets, send them selectively to people and organizations that can actually use the information you send. This results in more action for your client. >>Dave Reynolds
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on News release revisited at PR Studies
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