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SDG: If you read down this far, thanks for the explanation. My understanding is that the difference is whether the arguer considers sex as something that can or should exist without the possibility reproduction. Obviously, this is a simplistic way of putting it, and doesn't take into consideration infertile couples, for example, but it seems to be the basis. Reproduction is a part of the process, and denying it is denying a part of sexuality. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I disagree, because I feel that sex has other important purposes than just reproduction and all purposes of an action don't have to be realized to make something worthwhile. For example, I'm growing a vegetable garden this year. Because it was the first year I planted, costs were higher. I'm also sharing vegetables with another family, who isn't doing well financially right now. This means that, while a garden is a good money-saving strategy and that may be the main purpose for many people, I might actually lose a little money on it this year. However, my reasoning for planting the garden is fresh produce and getting my kids involved (I have a vague hope that they'll eat the vegetables because they helped grow them). I may not realize one purpose of the activity - one which may be the most important purpose for some people - but that does not lessen it, as another equally important purpose will be realized. Not the best analogy, I'm sure, but it'll do.
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SDG: It's possible that I'm just still groggy this morning, but I'm curious: How can it be claimed that contraception looks like hatred of women's sexuality? I've never heard that argument before. Usually I can at least understand the logic or emotion behind an argument, even if I disagree, but this one just isn't falling into place for me.
Toggle Commented Jun 12, 2009 on Fighting Words at Obsidian Wings
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