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Administrators aren't [generally ;-)] evil, but they also aren't likely to change their minds about something that makes them feel uncomfortable just because a tech coordinator or teacher nicely tries to show them a "better way". I completely agree with Scott when he says, "Administrators are [often] working to solve the wrong problems." It may be that they are bogged down with other work, but so are teachers and they are constantly having more initiatives, programs and "bright ideas" thrown their way by those same administrators. One teacher I know was spoken to in the office recently for having left instructions for a substitute to "let the kids play the educational games they know are OK on the computers" at the end of a Friday (the students having tested all week). One student went to an unapproved site and that's what the teacher was being held accountable for (and, yes, you read correctly: the teacher wasn't even there). The Tech Coordinator for the school system had been checking unapproved usage... On a grand theoretical basis, administrators are leaders.. But on a case-by-case basis, that is probably less true than we'd hope.
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I have many colleagues who take pride in seldom using email - particularly of the "reply all" variety - or knowing how to copy-and-paste in Word. This attitude is heartily encouraged by the administration. The catch phrase is "Just pick up the phone." The question of "Are we creating dependence?", then, is too far removed from my experience to be relevant. I don't know if this is true in other work sites and professions, as well, but I suspect it might be.
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