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It's interesting because I read this column and read the transcript of the above video, and I don't think the column had anything to do with what happened to Brook, even though he does! Poor thing doesn't know what sexual harrassment is, it literally tried to grab him and he still doesn't know. I liked his column because it was an interesting analysis of decorum, dignity and self-respect. It's true that the Senator who held onto Brooks' thigh didn't display any of those characteristics, but what sexual harraser does in the middle of an inaproriate advance? I just think that Brooks' is so clueless and willfully delusional he coudn't or wouldn't see what that whole thing was about, which was a whole lot more than just merely being undignified - it was a pass. Why else would someone, of any gender, have his/her hand on one's inner thigh for a whole dinner party? It's a whole lot more than being an "emotional freak." Come on, David! I feel sorry for him.
Toggle Commented Jul 11, 2009 on The Highly Selective Dignity Code at Obsidian Wings
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