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A few technical issues this week because we dared to fly where eagles soar and record this one remotely. So, we only got through half of this episodes recap this time. The Squeeze - TPVOJS - Ep2 Continue reading
Posted Feb 18, 2016 at The Squeeze
Our debut episode! Download it here. The Squeeze - Ep 1 - TPVOJS Continue reading
Posted Feb 13, 2016 at The Squeeze
So I'm happy to announce that not only are we playing a killer show this friday at Hellgate Social, We have also booked our EP release party for APRIL 8th @ Fontanas! Check out all the info on our LIVE SHOWS page :-) Xo's forever Continue reading
We've laid the tracks for our DEBUT EP, but now we need some coin for the pro-style finishing touches like mixing, mastering, and killer CD Art. Take a trip to our page on Kickstarter, why don't you, and learn more about how you can help us raise money to get this recording polished up and into your hands! Continue reading
@Mr. Bloggy - hey, no apologies necessary - i've been out of the loop for a little while too. so good to hear from you!
Toggle Commented Jan 26, 2011 on Song 41 - Letter at The Weekly Song
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We can delete this post once you get started, just wanted a sample post for you to take a look at. Video Link Continue reading
Posted Oct 29, 2010 at KMP
You all should be well aware by now of our die-hard devotion (bordering on psychotic attachment) to Astoria. It is home to 75% of us and the place of employ for the other 25%. We love it Truly, Madly, and Deeply. Therefore, when negligent douchebags insist on operating an establishment that serves over-priced and underwhelming food (in a completely douchey way) I feel nothing short of an obligation to reveal said douchebags and their consistent douchebaggery. I now direct this message to the Brick Cafe and all those who frequent it and/or extoll its (non-existent) virtues : A MESSAGE FOR... Continue reading
I'm natalie. Clearly.
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As in, we're using'em now, so get PSYCHED! I wanted to find an appropriately fun and kicky piece of art to accompany this revelation and somehow stumbled upon this: Which then prompted the realization that primary colors are mesmerizing when draped over the ample bodies of 80s sitcom starlets and their respective shoulder pads. Seriously, I dare you to turn away from this and not wanna come back immediately for another peak. Eerie, right? Continue reading
I was looking for other Astoria Blogs to link to and discover shit from and happened upon a well-meaning, well-designed and very out-dated site that organizes all new york blogs by subway stops. It's out-datedness was quite disappointing until I discovered a listing for Angela's (yes, OUR Angela) long-ago forgotten blog about 'a single girl's hilarious alcoholic shennanigans in the big city.' (I'm paraphrasing.) Upon clicking, I was further delighted to discover that I cannot access the site from my computer at work because it is tagged as PORNOGRAPHY. To wit: Amazing. Continue reading
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Mar 15, 2010
We had our first show at the Astoria Brewhouse on Saturday, and by all measures it was a pretty solid success. HUGE thanx to everyone who participated (listeners and players alike). Sweet Magma melted our faces off with their blow torches disguised as guitars and Ekra delivered as only a genius husband and wife two-piece can. Lots of folks turned out for the event - and everyone agreed in their enjoyment of all proceedings. Huzzah! Success. If you weren't there, these pictures are no consolation. But they're something. us! (The Jamies) getting freaky with Magma JTP taking a break between... Continue reading
So, the rumors are true. I did indeed travel to California with my boyfriend for a little west coast vacationing. Sites were seen, adventures were had, beauty was enjoyed, marijuwana was smoked, eaten and digested. I also managed to do the song out there - in a bungalow in the desert - right before we locked ourselves out of said bungalow and had to sleep in the car. But, that's a more in-person story, to be honest with you. A highlight that I would be delighted to share now involves a VIP party we stumbled into (literally) and a few... Continue reading