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Amelia...are you wearing acid wash spandex and white LA Gears??
Tony, too bad PR's don't count unless they are actually made under the CFEC roof...Good job boys, but we expect to see a repeat performance when you get home.
Sara...Awesome job on Sunday's WOD!! I am so impressed by your determination and your commitment to making every rep count. It's not everyday that we hear applause at the end of a workout. I hope you heard everyone clapping after you completed your final round. Keep up the good work girl!
Hey Lisa, I think that is Riley taking a little nap before he and Jon did man yoga!
Thanks everyone!! I appreciate your support so much!! FINALLY, after months of Chad, Paul, Lisa, and Newman telling me to stop F****** around, I did it!!! Briley...your demonstration on how to complete the transition is what made all the coaching come together:)
Paul, Newman...Did you boys hear how many "F" bombs I dropped this morning?? I have one more for you...Add my name to that F****** list on the white board...I signed up! Teshina, your turn...You promised!
Shhhhh Newman!! Don't tell the entire CFEC family that Chad only dates girls in the 19-24 range! After my Birthday workout he was pissed because he found out I was really 29, and not 21...Chad also thought that I was borrowing all those kids I always have with me!
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on WOD Wednesday 9/23/2009 at CrossFit East County WOD
Hey Paul- Who is that hot guy in the pic with all the tattoos? It seems like in every picture I see of him, he has somehow misplaced his shirt! Can you hook me up, or at least get me his number?
Toggle Commented Sep 23, 2009 on WOD Wednesday 9/23/2009 at CrossFit East County WOD
You are a stud Brady!!! Your parents must be so proud! I am going to be in Tennessee this weekend for business, where is the tournament?
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on WOD Thursday 8/27/2009 at CrossFit East County WOD
This picture of me is ALMOST as bad as one of Chadillac swinging the kettlebell a couple months ago...remember that?? It looks like I am about to die...wait, if I remember correctly, I almost did die, or at least I felt like I was going to! You are right Paul, the support from CFEC was amazing during that workout, like always!
Toggle Commented Aug 27, 2009 on WOD Wednesday 8/26/2009 at CrossFit East County WOD
Paul, Thanks for the great workout yesterday! It seems like there has been a great turnout every Sunday. What are the chances you could add another class on Sunday? Chad and I would be there for sure!
Toggle Commented Jul 20, 2009 on Monday 7/20/09 at CrossFit East County WOD
Lisa, I wanted to share with you how impressed I was with the free class on Sunday. There was a large amount of participants, both old and new, and your ability to lead the class in an organized, yet enthusiastic way was amazing. Thank you for pushing to places I thought I would never reach. Your knowledge and commitment to crossfit has been so motivating and contagious. I look forward to workouts with you and CFEC is lucky to have you.
Toggle Commented Jul 15, 2009 on WOD Wednesday 7/15/09 at CrossFit East County WOD