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thats really good sir. I was actually thinking about that when it finally settled in about his death, "Man, did he ever get saved?" and until recently that normally wasnt a response I would have but by listening to your sermons and reading my Bible more, that is the first thing that hits me now, esp with Farah, bc at the end she was praying to God to help her, so I wonder if she found God to?
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2009 on Michael Jackson at Bobby Lepinay
Wow! that is amazing PB. That really gives me hope, bc lately God has been sending people into my life, esp at work, that have asked me questions about why i "fasted" and why i believe the way i do. I tell them if they are really interested, but they never seem to want to take the next step, at least with me. but by reading your blog, it made me realize they may not be taking the "big step" with me, but with someone else down the line.
Toggle Commented Jun 15, 2009 on Spiritual Boldness at Bobby Lepinay