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There have been some great books written on how the church incorrectly influences our view of occupational calling: "Doing God's Business" by R.Paul Stevens, "Your Work Matters to God" by Doug Sherman and Bill Hendricks, "The Heavenly Good of Earthly Work" by Darrell Cosden, and my favorite, "The Call" by Os Guinness. The point of each (in part) is that evangelicalism sets up a dichotomy between calling (church work and related occupations) and job (normal work that 95% of us do) that is not biblical or even helpful. It is striking how far this dichotomy goes. If a teen stands up in most churches and announces they are going to college to study business, they get (perhaps) polite applause. If they stand up and announce they are going to the mission field they get (at least) ooohs and aaahhs. The point is not that going to the mission field should not be appreciated - it should. Rather the point is that God's occupational calling to "secular" work is under-appreciated and generally not understood.
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