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Manchester, England
Half timer.
Interests: The whole bally everything.
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Neo-Cons: the Roman patrician model must make your lips negatively drool.
Toggle Commented Mar 23, 2010 on 88- A Day in the Life at The History of Rome
Fantastic! This episode stands out as a superb example of thought provoking podcasting at it's very best. Mike, you've exceeded yourself. Wax slate and stylus, the rise of eastern mysticism and perpatetic philosopher grunge - Stoic, Epicurean, Christian or Capitalist you cannot but admire the parallels between a typical 2nd century Roman synapse and those that go into deciding wether the iPad is really worth a week or two's entire salary. On the issue of Christianization, I think Mike pays the early church a huge compliment noting that it was only the innate egalitarianism of early Christian teaching that offered the impoverished mass any notion of personal worth. That all people were of equal spiritual value and that all labour had it's price, cost and value. No matter what your religious views, I think it's partly thanks to Jesus Christ I can afford to buy myself a home. And as a confirmed Humanist I mean that in the strictest economic sense. Great work Mr Duncan!
Toggle Commented Mar 19, 2010 on 87- Thinking and Feeling at The History of Rome
Congratulations, Mike! Although to be honest, on the merits of marriage I'm with William Godwin: anarchy is the surest way forward for men and women alike. Notwithstanding a wedding being a fantastic excuse for a boogie. Enjoy.
Dactylic Hexameter. Isn't that the bad guy out of the Harry Potter movies?
It’s been quite some time since the last group update and although I could, like all good politicians, blame the global liquidity crisis for this, to be honest laziness may well have had something to do with it. It’s great to see that our numbers have nigh on doubled since I last checked in on the group. At this searing rate Stage One of the Grandin Masterplan (check the site for details) will be accomplished before the whale re-evolves back into a land based dog-like creature. Since we last spoke my admitted indolence has not been spent entirely in front... Continue reading
Posted Aug 14, 2009 at JohnGrandin
I never knew my father. Not that he was a nameless rogue who did a runner from my mother. Not that he was lost at sea, or was shot down by the Luftwaffe in the too hot summer of…urm…,1974. No, none of that. Okay, okay - let’s be straight - I’ve always known my father; and here I’m not trying to prove the fact but let me very quickly describe him. Like me, the boy was made in Manchester and the man is proud to flag his roots. We both support United (boo City, boo); we both adore good steak... Continue reading
Posted Aug 12, 2009 at JohnGrandin
The eternal maxim: grief is the price we pay for love. My condolences, Mike.
Excellent episode. Made me wonder, had they met what notes on young women Claudius and Henry VIII would have made. On a more general point. Of the four Claudian Emperors - Tiberius, Giaus, Claudius & Nero - was there one amongst them that did not suffer significant mental health impairment? Both Tiberius and Claudius clearly lost the plot in middle age, whereas Caligula and Nero didn't need half so much time. I'm sure it's been stated before but my conclusion can only be this: the Claudii - totally nuts, all of them.