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Jane Whitfield
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I am glad to hear that these forward thinking foundations and organizations are supporting such important work. It is my hope that nonprofits that participate in the introspection and planning required for true organizational change are fully funded and supported with experienced counsel and technical support. It is a difficult time, and an outside perspective may be key to achieving desired results. Keep up posted, Michael.
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A great article, Michael. Foundations can also increase nonprofit success by providing support services in the area of post grant administration - particularly grant accounting, data collection, and evaluation. In my many years managing multiple grants and contracts, I became a firm believer that these skills provide the nonprofit with a realistic view of whether their programs were 1)serving their communities as intended; and 2)funded adequately for sustainability. Many nonprofits maintain nonessential programs that are creating a significant financial burden on the institution, largely because they don't have the skills they need to adequately assess cost and performance. Jane Whitfield
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