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Simply stated, Pat Mullen is one of the best. He is a consummate pro and a true gentleman, a rarity in today's media universe. Back in the day when he was the general manager of WXMI-TV, he assembled a great team and lead it with enthusiasm. "Fox 17" rocked and grew in to a power house in the Grand Rapids, Michigan market. At Tribune he applied what he knew, made things worked and then exited as gracefully as he entered. It is my hope that Mr. Mullen finds a new "home" for his talents because Chicago television is vibrant and competitive because of people like Pat Mullen and Neil Sabin. Not that I am biased or anything...LOL...Good luck! And Best Wishes!
I live in Chicago and have been following this story for the past several weeks. To me the station is screwed because they broke the law in firing Mr. Perez AFTER he filed a formal complaint with the E.E.O.C. which he can/will definitely "win," if there can be any "winners" by the definition of the meaning.... Although this wreaks of high drama, is there proof that any part of his personal life was interfering with his work performance? Also, if he was working on a contractual basis, then how could the station be "saving money" by demoting him even though he is still paid the same? Yes, gay men discriminate against each other all of the time, so it is ignorant to think that just because the News Director is "openly gay" that he did not have personal issues against the hunk that is Charles Perez, drama or not. Good luck. If I were living in the viewing area, I would not be watching that station.
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I do not quite understand this man's appeal, he does nothing for me. Now that "The Doctors" is a hit, "Dr. Oz" may seem like a copy cat. I wish him good luck and success nonetheless.
Futhermore (joke), NBC made the decision to "replace" Jay with Conan based on that evil word "demographics." Given Leno's age and the aging of his audience, plus the evolution of the means of Distribution (Broadcasting, on-line, new media, etc.) it would have happened sooner rather than later. But the number really seem telling don't they? I mean, Dave is overtaking "The Tonight Show" in week two versus a year from now.
I have to agree with the post in regrd to CBS' P.R. Department being virtually non-existent and dropping the ball. I do not see where "Nightline" and ABC can brag and have much credence as they are only a thirty minute show. Also, as I have watched Conan this is no longer the "Tonight Show" as it was under Johnny Carson or Jay Leno. To me it resembles more of "Jimmy Kimmel Live" with the set's colors, positioning of the band and frat-like environment. There has been a lot of hype but what "Tonight" is missing (in my opinion) is its sense of identity and historic background: A place where there was consistent comedy and where guests held interesting conversations with the host who knew how to communicate without looking at note cards. "Tonight" has become like every other talk show on late night television. Is anyone challenging NBC's "spin" with the numbers? To me it looks like it is a dead heat with Dave and Conan in total viewers but perhaps not the coveted demos, but give it time as Dave has been around a long time and appears to be the "wide 'old' man" in Late Night. He is comfortable in his job and although Governor Palin (who is a joke in my opinion) tried to exploit his "joke" I believe that he will regain his number one or two status and then retire.
Futhermore, David Letterman is a comedian, a television entertainer and if you do not like what he has to say or "joke" about, turn the channel! Sarah Palin will NOT be receiving any votes from me and if the Republican Party does not get their respective shit together, they will have a difficult time winning the INTELLIGENT people over to their various causes, and this is not one of them. Leave Dave and the "Late Show" alone and tackle the real issues that are affecting americans.
First of all, I think that Governor Palin is an opportunistic joke and a has been politically. She admitted to never watching or listening to Dave's "joke" and instead chose to decipher it through various hanger's on and gossip mongers. What is more is how she has no problem ushering her daughters out in to the public spotlight whenever it seems to promote herself and "political agenda" in the Media, or better yet with Sean Hannity who seems to drool over her. In short, I hope that this woman goes back to Alaska with her p-whipped husband who is also a joke (in my opinion), studies up on American Politics, reads a couple of other books like ones that involve Language and Grammar so that she is better able to learn how to form complete sentences and goes back to living a life in mediocrity. The End.