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Gary Doss wouldn't hurt anyone. I've known him about 10 years having met on the set of "To Tell The Truth" at NBC in Burbank. I played one of the Impostors in the game and in my response to a panel question (as coached by Gary), I stated that the PEZ museum was NOT affiliated with the PEZ Candy Company and that's what went on the air. Gary's Museum reflects absolutely the iconoclastic and kitschy nature that made PEZ a Pop Art Monument. To my knowledge he has never discussed in public the quality of the CANDY they manufacture and that is a great quality of mercy in and of itself. If PEZ had to sell the product based on that, they would have been out of business years ago. Why PEZ Incorporated chooses this particular time to sponsor a Pfefferminz "Book Burning" after so much publicity has re-generated public interest in the market even in the face of this rudimentary candy product with barely a palpable taste, is beyond me. To my knowledge PEZ Inc. has NEVER indulged in any sort of media publicity about their product and Gary Doss has practically GIVEN AWAY Millions of Dollars of PEZ advertising revenue and publicity.