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puneet shehrawat
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I would prefer to go with "Do Better, Do less, Know Why" and even have come so far by doing this. I havnt achieved anything great but looking in to the circumstances, have done a lot. The famous Philosophy of "Progress is made by lazy people who try to find easier ways to do the same stuff" always fascinated me. Hardworking people are everywhere and I believes that hradwork pays but if you can do the same thing other ways round in a quick and better way, why dont go for it. and this is only possible if you are concentrating over quite few of the tasks, not the whole management. As if you do one thing in a efficient and proper manner, it reduces the chances of coming back to that thing to fix it up later and hence reduces the time and energy consumption. Rather than doing multitasking, in which you are just passing the ball in the other court an moving on that if something goes wrong, the person behind me have to handle that, increases the chances of error and reduces efficiency.
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Yeah, the point is quite clear n obvious to me. Leading each day with proper conscience of doing something good and fruitful which may benefit you momentarily or in future will ultimately drives you towards the accomplishment of long term goals. If we break down the long term goals in generic terms the most common are monetory, physicaly, spritualy and mentally fulfillment of you and others around you. The bottom line I found is CONTINOUSLY PUTTING YOUR EFFORTS TO MAKE THE THINGS BETTER AND BETTER ON DAILY BASIS, which may bring a big difference in future. This is my first blog of my life, so just wanted to put my views n really am feeling today that I have done something fruitful to achieve a big difference in my coming life. Thanx.
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