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Hamida Owusu
Washington D.C.
Africa Action, Policy and Communications Department Intern
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Mr. Chia, You have highlighted a significant issue facing HIPC nations. Aside from the question of whether the debt that these countries have incurred is even legitimate (an important point at issue to consider) there is the terrible fact that these Vulture Fund cases are siphoning integral funds away from people who need better health care, education, infrastructure, access to clean water, and other social services. It's no coincidence that Vulture Funds frequently target HIPC nations when they are on the verge of or have recieved debt cancellation packages as well. It is imperative that people on the continent as well as in the West educate themselves about this important issue, and encourage and support our Representatives who are seeking to put an end to Vulture Funds' profiteering. Unfortunately, Cameroon is not the only country facing Vulture Fund litigation. I encourage you to visit this link to an interactive map showing the many other countries facing lawsuits: Also see our recent blog entry on Vulture Funds ( and explore our website for more details and informaton!
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