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I'm curious as to how CO and NOx emissions are affected by the start stop cycle. Yes, it is true that most European style diesels would be unable to directly import to the US, since they would not quite meet US Nox and particulate requirements. If there is a start stop cycle, so that the auto is not polluting during idle, this may significantly reduce NOx and particulate emissions during the urban cycle. Furthermore, does Ford has a system similar to "add Blue" which can reduce particulates even more? Is there already an upgrade beyond Ford's standard cDPF? Cosmo
All, Ignore last comment. Didn't realize that Propane was called Liquefied Petroleum when used a fuel for vehicles. My bad. Peace, Cosmo
All, Ok, I'm really not sure that Hyundai is talking about liquid propane here. Their parlance is Liquid Petroleum Injection. Petroleum is not the same as Propane. I get the feeling LPI is just Hyundai's phase for Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI). Anyone else agree, disagree, did I miss the obvious in this article (won't be the first time, and as I get older, sure as heck won't be the last...) Peace, Cosmo