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I heard lyrics to a song once, it was written about 2 American marines who died brutally after being kidnapped in Iraq...their ages if I remember correctly were 21 and 25...the chorus struck are the lyrics... "this is the face, of war, not some political debate, not some article you read in the paper, or some opinion that you have weighed .... its bombs in your bed, its blood at your feet, its fighting for friends with a corpse at your feet, its fear in a bag, its love and its hate, its satan himself, opening the gates" I think you did a great job in being honest with what you have witnessed. That is real and honest photojournalism. If there is a God, especially if there is a Christ, it would undoubtedly weep at the tragic fact that barbarianism like this (and not only in this war, but in so many places) still exists. Its important that people like you make distant and unaffected people like us look in the true face of war.