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Mate, cheers for the hat tip. I look forward to stealing from you in future, if only to add further things to your person. Beerspheres are in order.
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Bang on! I ruminated earlier this year on the demise of the URL much along the lines of the first commentor above when Firefox 3 was released, the separate bar seems like the next logical step. ( I'm going to take Paul's suggestion and check out Chrome as well which I haven't done yet. Umm...Caeser is dead, long live Ceaser?
Toggle Commented Sep 9, 2009 on Death of the URL Bar at CrapHammer
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Le sigh. Being a person that transports his guitars all over the place with him, the thought breaks my heart. Last year I wrote a short marketing mantra that ended in a fifth point - the most remarkable thing you can do is have remarkable customer service. End of.
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