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Dozens of corrupt Rye political insiders may be very unpleasantly surprised at the entirely non-fictional serious stuff heading their way. has performed a substantial 1st Amendment public service in supporting our local good government movement in informing residents of these crimes in prior years. Current & prior local public officials feigned disinterest & invincibility. Local media obediently remained silent at critical points. Yet our evidence filled stories make for fascinating reading at the Federal level, a place I now spend much of my time. Too bad for our local bad guys & gals.
"Built on a challenging one-acre site.." Indeed. 60+ years of viewing & frequently as a teenager working on the site in good weather & bad I can certainly attest that it is "challenging." Consider adding auto lifts.
My SHOCKED face! Internal accounting controls in Rye are kept weak so that special interests can skirt them. Hi Greg, happy to have you in the City Manager chair. Don't listen to our crooked city lawyers and DON'T click on this link or taxpayers might find $6M+ of revenue.
"Mr. Serrano then swore and signed a notarized legal affidavit that no additional records - including certain Rye records that had already been released by Yorktown but not by Rye – exist. The problem for Mr. Serrano (and Rye City officials) is they do exist and we have obtained copies. But see Mr. Serrano’s sworn Rye City Affidavit, for what it’s worth, - here. Concealing or suppressing or tampering with or destroying public records is a felony in NY State as it is elsewhere. Swearing to something falsely is also a crime. Federal laws cover this same ground. The EPA, to name one federal agency, restricts misuse of registered pesticides (see 16 documented apparent violations of Federal Pesticides Law at Rye Golf Club here in Series Part 5). The FBI, to name another federal agency, would likely find a possible/probable multi-million dollar insurance fraud against an American insurance company by a U.S. municipality as a matter of natural law enforcement interest." Do not, under possible penalty of targeted extra-legal recrimination including false arrest, paste the following link into your browser and hit Enter -
What a beautiful photo. Together again for eternity. Bless them both.
A career politician plays favorites with his rich friends Rich friends Rich friends like who have a wet backyard in Rye Rich friends who hire a politically active attorney in Rye Rich friends pay for a Tim Miller Assoc wetlands delineation report Rich friends have their backyard wetland marked with little red flags Rich friends hire an honest engineer, says its $90K+ to fix their problem Rich friends have Rye City Naturalist visit, she confirms delineated wetland Rich friends pivot, fire honest engineer Rich friends make local political donations, $20K+ to George Latimer alone Rich friends appeal to The Otis Administration for City Hall flexibility Rich friends receive flexibility, City Manager secretly orders it Rich friends get City Planner & City Engineer to lie about the wetland Rich friends excavate delineated wetland, destroy downstream swamp Rich friends smirk through massive public outrage, sure of their patronage shield Rich friends count on elected Rye secret keepers, like Joe Sack & Steve Otis Rich friends emboldened massively underreport building costs, shorting permit fees Rich friends live in house without a Certificate of Occupancy – for over 5 years Rich friends receive a tiny tax assessment increase for over $1M of new work Rich friends know City Hall is still hiding this malfeasance, Joe Sack & Steve Otis also Rich friends count on honest residents to pay for all this and more Rich friends tortured the old man to death to save money Rich friends couldn't have done any of this without the active involvement of Steve Otis & Joe Sack Maybe very soon Sack & Otis could be making new & very special Federal friends
Toggle Commented Sep 17, 2019 on Otis: "Sack is Again Wrong" - Letter at
So today Cuomo signed the new sales tax increase into effect as of August 1st 2019. Sales tax is applied to almost everything Rye homeowners purchase to maintain their homes and provide for their families. Contrary to widespread false media reports (yes that’s you Journal News ) the increase is not 1% - nor anything remotely close to it. The increase is 14%. And now that “the bonds” are safely passed throughout Westchester, Mr. Cuomo pulled out his long dormant tax raising pen. No expense cuts are naturally being proposed. Does everyone now understand?
Toggle Commented Jun 30, 2019 on Rye Schools Bond Vote: YES, YES, YES at
Well said, Bob. Today’s news concerns a misleading mailer from something called Shows Rye isolated on a map of supposed YES voting school districts. Says Rye is “undecided.” No. Rye isn’t “undecided,” it decided. It decided it didn’t want a mega debt issuance. It VOTED to DEFEAT that issuance. And that issuance has been resubmitted to the same voters, in new clothes, but as overweight as ever before. And just like Rye, Greenburgh voters recently told their school board that their $115M jumbo gumbo we-need-it-all-now numbo bond was DOA. But Greenburgh doesn’t get shown on the YES mailer map because, well, it was a blow-out NO election loss for the debt piggies. In politics you better not overtly lie, it tends to contribute to election defeats. Rye didn’t spend all that money to run the prior referendum only to come out “Undecided.” That bond was fully decided by the voters and they decided NO. Going K thru 12 in the RCSD taught me a few things many decades ago, including that some people will stoop pretty low just to get their way.
While he's reading his own press release here let's ask Mr. Schaefer for an update on this prior detailed reporting: Standard Amusements Discloses Investment by Company Which Plans to Sell Off Rye Playland
The Mark of Zorro This week the Rye Record further reveals the previously hidden identities of Rye’s “Better Bond” debt vigilantes and carves out their now clearly demarked goals to save our non-native or naive resident brethren from self-victimization due to their own willful ignorance. The Record’s April 19, 2019 page A2 delivers our local Zorro’s welcome and warning in a column entitled “Join the Conversation on a Better Bond.” “The Friend’s of a Better Bond sought to work out a compromise with the School Board but their voice, representing a majority of the voters, was treated with a polite nod. They were not heard. How about a bond half the size, with a shorter life, and an annual maintenance program designed to sustain the facilities? It could be followed by another bond or bonds, addressing the needs and priorities as determined at a future time.” The revealed signers of this mark are all Rye political class members with whom I have historically had little in common and have in fact worked diligently to sunlight many of their prior municipal cover-up’s and dirty deeds. My neighbor, Mr. Dunn, to name one, sits on the so-called Rye City Board of Ethics, AKA The Whitewash Crew. They are transparency’s greatest nemesis and I am no member of their ranks. MyRye readers know I ride hard against this bunch but in this specific case they are delivering a message, a message that needs to be heard and heard without malice. Most in Rye are I’m sure unaware that a 14% 2019 Westchester County sales tax increase is in the final stages of being approved in Albany. Sales tax as you know hits almost everything needed to sustain every household in Rye. The actual increase is not 1% as advertised but 14%. Wake up everyone. It’s not what our rulers tell you, its what they don’t. Z
Maybe they might spend it wisely, maybe they would not. Overall its too much money to hand in a lump sum unchecked to any operation like this. Why do I say this? I've been here 6 decades now, graduated from the system and have seen a few things. Most recently - and attention new arrivals - some ridiculous cover-ups and corruptions touching the top of the board & management. Pray-tell you say? Plug the following Dec 20 2013 LoHud headline into your internet browser: "Falsely accused basketball coach hopes to get back in the game after Rye City School District apologizes" Here we have an exculpatory video suppressed by the district as evidence and outright lying by district officials. And no consequences for the district law firm involved who I believe will adjudicate issues pertaining to this brand new mega funding. Nope. Too big. I support a series of smaller issuance's along the way, each approved step by step by the voters, just like we always have.
Another Rye circumvention of internal accounting controls fraud? No one learned anything about this after RM Staffing & Stealing, Inc. set up by Yandrasevich, Otis & Plunkett? And the $6M lifted from our city hall treasury by builders & hooked-up homeowners underreporting their project costs and permit fees like mad during The Sack Administration? And no special audit on these phony affidavits after I exposed the whole rotten scheme here on MyRye based in the exact same record area at city hall I used to audit myself during college? The YMCA has lots of Rye political class donors who criticized those who exposed these other municipal crimes as being unreliable, uncivilized & uncouth. Where will they point their fingers this time? We’ll find out in the next edition of The Rye Record.
One of the finest free views of Long Island and Long Island Sound can be seen from a memorial bench atop the sledding hill at Rye Town Park. I’ve always enjoyed sitting there, even if just for a moment. It’s a lovely RTP view, high up, unobstructed by pretty much anything. The memorial dedication plaque reads: “In Loving Memory of Grace & Joseph Parisi. In Recognition of a Lifetime of Dedicated Service. The City of Rye Republican Committee – October 1997.” Online you can see that Grace (Rasulo) Parisi apparently died in July of 1994. Her husband, a former NYS Senator and ex-Chief Clerk of the Criminal Term of the Brooklyn Supreme Court predeceased her in May of 1990. According to published obituaries they are Guy Parisi’s parents. A lot of bad has happened since 1990 in the Rye Republican Party. I know because I’ve documented it and reported it. The Rye Democratic Party has kept pace, which I’ve also documented and reported. And now this, one of the cruelest local politico crimes since Steve Otis’s lawless municipal treatment of elderly resident Bob Schubert. What is it with so many NYS politicos? Self dealing, secret stealing. The view up there will never quite be the same.
TED CARROLL Lifelong Rye Resident, Member of the Rye Good Governance Work Group 8 Great 2019 Green Resolution Questions for the Rye Sustainability Committee: 1. What city would create 2 sets of turf chemical application records – one of them false – in violation of both Federal & NY State pesticide law, and a Class D Felony in NY, punishable by up to 7 years of incarceration? 2. What city would employ a municipal attorney to represent a city employee client with directly adverse interests to her own municipal duties, submit tampered turf chemical records to our own municipal court and have him plead guilty based on those tampered records? 3. What city would conceal scientific turf test results, paid for by taxpayers, from the public showing municipal employee product misapplication, and not solely product contamination, caused a multi-million dollar taxpayer loss? 4. What city would conceal independent scientific turf test results and records documenting municipal employee application negligence from a product manufacturer and its insurance carrier in order to fraudulently obtain a multi-million dollar damage settlement? 5. Why would a city council member & Sustainability Committee founding member abet municipal concealment of state & federal turf chemical application records from local citizens indicating a multi-year period of MASSIVE and REPEATED over applications of a registered pesticide in an environmentally sensitive wetland ecosystem and then remain silent when a corrupt local ADA is discovered interceding to ensure no further charges are brought when these records become public? 6. What city would refuse release of key municipal turf chemical purchasing records when the local newspaper documents and publishes multiple violations of municipal bidding procedures, purchasing policy and municipal purchasing laws? 7. What municipal attorney contracts with a so-called ‘outside labor attorney’ to research and present to the city council on camera a false report to the taxpayer public exonerating municipal employees of wrongdoing just prior to their arrest for wrongdoing? 8. What city supports the issuance of a false sworn affidavit by its City Manager concerning the public records he continues to illegally suppress covering ALL these very same fraudulent and illegal municipal activities? (Answers can be found by simply typing Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4, Part 5, Part 6, Part 7, and Part 8 in the search box at your upper right.)
“Any argument that the concealment of these documents was inadvertent must be flatly rejected. We have shown these documents to the Westchester District Attorney’s office, and they agree that the documents contain Brady material. At the very least, they are Rosario material and were required to be disclosed to plaintiff at the felony and suppression hearings of the underlying criminal matter. They were not. It is reasonable to infer that a cover-up was planned and executed from the beginning of the criminal case, knowledge of which may be imputed to all the city defendants." (From letter to Jed S. Rakoff, Senior Judge of the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York in the matter of Caspi v. City of Rye et al., January 2015) Sorry I’ve been busy this year with national politics and haven’t been able to research and write more here locally, folks. But nothing I can see in the “Moving Rye Forward” administration this past year has inspired much confidence that honest services are important once again in Rye. The assistant city manager and the police commissioner were both dispatched in secret pogroms and FOIL requests for so-called “sensitive matters” may as well be thrown in Bind Brook to drift away. Shame on these crooked Democrats that I voted for. Now they’ll want a tax increase from us while the builders still owe us up to $6M through under-reported project costs piled up during the Sack Administration. No Special Audit (the normal annual audit would not uncover this despite what they might say) was performed. Nor could they afford to take the risk in doing one with me, a CPA and ex-Rye City Auditor publishing clear evidence of actual underreporting and fraud in building department records here on MyRye for all to see. If you’d like to see them for yourself just copy TRUST, BUT VERIFY? NYET SO FAST into the MyRye Search box above and go down to the “How Big Could This Be?” section where the hyperlinks are. Click away on them. For the $6M in cumulative missing revenue calculation copy in the title HOSED. RYE TAXPAYERS SLAMMED BY APPARENT UNDERREPORTING FRAUD. So again, my apologies for not shining a light this season on the continuous crimes of senior city employees, local political donors, and the politically well connected in Rye. I will try to do more next year. Meanwhile if you’d like to see the rest of the story surrounding that lead quote above just use the MyRye search box again and copy in SACKS SILLY SEASON OF SUPPRESSION and have a great holiday season if I don’t see you around town.
It’s no secret the council will vote to extend City Manager Serrano’s contract which expires at month end. Mr. Serrano after all has proven his fealty to to the bosses of both parties and sealed it by covering for Ms. Wilson’s shameless chemical application records tampering & apparent multi-million dollar insurance swindle at Rye Golf that our now 8-part MyRye series exposed. He needn’t worry about the city council asking any real questions. Mr. Serrano also can read and disregard the same tangible court subpoena supplied proof we’ve published of the existence of an even bigger Affidavit of Final (building) Costs fraud responsible for upwards of $6 million of underreported permit fees coming right out of the pockets of Rye taxpayers. This makes Mr. Serrano a local hero in the building industry and they are very very grateful. Serrano and Wilson have just dispatched two of their potential municipal rivals - our assistant city manager and our formerly highly regarded public safety commissioner - and a new Wilson crony is arriving soon as Serrano’s assistant. It must be great to believe you can get away with anything. Until the day it ends - Yandrasevich style.
Toggle Commented Jul 30, 2018 on Rye City Council in Exec Session Monday at
Meanwhile: SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF NEW YORK COUNTY OF WESTCHESTER April 19, 2018: PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that pursuant to CPLR §3101(e) you (the City of Rye) are required to serve upon the undersigned within twenty (20) days, the following: 1. Copies of any and all emails, documents and/or other correspondences between the Rye City Golf Club, any of its employees, agents or personnel, and the USGA during the 2015 year. 2. The full name, phone number, and last known address for Chip Lafferty. 3. Any and all lab reports conducted on soil samples which are referenced on page 13 of Jim Buonauto's deposition transcript, dated April 4, 2018 between lines 5 and 25. 4. Copies of any and all emails, documents and/or other correspondences given to, and received from, the referenced Connecticut Club's superintendent. Said Club and superintendent is referenced on page 15, lines 4-25 of the Buonauto Transcript dated April 4, 2018. 5. Copies of any and all emails, documents and/or other correspondences between Rye City Golf Club and ArmorTech in 2015. 6. Copies of all emails, documents, and/or other correspondence that would evidence the retention of, and/or memorialize the findings of, any consultants hired by Rye City Golf Club in 2018. For reference see page 18 of the Buonauto Transcript dated April, 4, 2018. 7. The full names, phone numbers, and last known addresses for any golf pros working with or for, Rye City Golf Club in 2015. 8. Copies of any and all emails, documents and/or other correspondences sent and/or received by the Rye City Golf Club in 2015 related to the holding, cancelation, scheduling, or rescheduling of any tournaments at Rye City Golf Club. 9. Copies of any and all records, documents, and/or receipts collected by the Rye City Golf Club for rounds of golf played by members at the Rye City Golf Club course in the years 2014 and 2015. (Guess our now 8-part MyRye series featuring public records tampering, a multi-year pattern of serious NYSDEC & EPA violations, topped off by an apparent multi-million dollar insurance fraud ain’t either fictional or going away after all, eigh?)
(Assistant Director of the New York State Department of State, Committee on Open Government) From: "O'Neill, Kristin (DOS)" Date: May 18, 2018 3:45:10 PM To: (Rye Taxpayer redacted) Subject: RE: A question Re: Written Verification “Under these circumstances, yes, I believe the City should provide you with a second certification that no additional records, beyond those provided and those that have been denied consistent with Section 87(2) of FOIL, are possessed or maintained by the City or have been located after a diligent search.” Series Part 9 of Rye’s Poisoned Greens is gonna be a smoker.
Yesterday I shared the below Twitter string with the NYS political press. It addresses why Julie Killian recently lost her hometown of Rye. If this link is not functioning because Typepad formatting cut it off inappropriately then here are the parts you can copy and string together to reach it: 998621728594104323
A quick Google search will deliver multiple articles documenting the corruption histories of both candidates, effectively highlighting the empty ethics reform promises of state party leaders on both sides. MyRye readers have a wealth of public record investigative back-matter here to see Julie’s fealty to party over principal in Rye, while Shelly and another Shelly seem inexorably linked by the investigative work of the New York Times and the New York Daily News, two hardly ‘right-leaning’ newspapers. I’ll be skipping this election and I suspect I will not be alone. This may lead to the NY public employee union turnout powered victory of Mrs. Silver, er, Mayer. So be it. At least the increasingly toxic NYS GOP will be poorer for their efforts. And the next time they might think twice about taking that pile of Verizon/Crown Castle contribution money and then directing their locally elected minions to look away while their big donors attempt to subvert Rye residential property rights and property values.
From the NYT with some added local context: “She attended the public Milton School (*Hewlett Street*) and the private Rye Country Day School (*then along Grandview Avenue*)…She met George Bush in 1941 at a Christmas dance at the (*then elite and restricted*) Round Hill Country Club in Greenwich, Conn…After enrolling at Smith College but before entering the freshman class, she shocked her mother by spending the summer working in a nuts-and-bolts factory (*likely Russell, Burdsall & Ward Bolt & Nut Company who’s vast plant stretched along western Midland Avenue in Port Chester from today’s Home Depot site a full half-mile to Slater Street*) ….She and Mr. Bush, on leave from the Navy, married in Rye (*at Rye Presbyterian Church*) on Jan. 6, 1945(* Reception photos are apparently Manursing Island Club?*); the bride, not yet 20, had dropped out of Smith at the beginning of her sophomore year….” Much more will be found in the bound editions of The Rye Chronicle at Rye Library in their late 1944 and early 1945 editions. If you have the time it’s refreshingly worth seeing the balanced journalism The Chronicle produced for decades under Publisher Richard Archer.
“We understand that there is interest on the part of some parents in participating in the walkout. On the advice of the Commissioner, we are asking parents not to come to the event. We cannot ensure a safe environment for our students if there are crowds of adults present. It is too much of a security challenge for police and school security personnel to vet adults.” Dr. Eric Byrne, Superintendent of Rye Schools National Survey of 1,000 American Adults Conducted March 7-8, 2018 by Rasmussen Reports “An Obama-era policy allowing for more leniency in schools has been strongly criticized following the massacre last month at a Florida high school. Most Americans think discipline in public schools is too easy these days.” What's the biggest problem in schools today? (% are for All Adults) -Poor teachers 5% -Bad curriculum 8% -Not enough funding 35% -Lack of discipline 26% -Not enough parent involvement 19% Not sure 6% Discipline in public schools is: Too tough 4% Too easy 60% About right 25% Not sure 11% Is it harder for a teacher to maintain discipline in the classroom today than it was when you were a child in school? Yes 78% No 12% Not sure 11%
Toxic Julie. On August 3rd 2016 The Journal News published the findings of their own investigation of toxic chemical misuse at Rye Golf Club. At the Rye City Council meeting directly following publication, both Councilman Terry McCartney and Rye Deputy Mayor Julie Killian publicly reassured club members and Rye residents on council video that Mr. Lafferty “did everything right” and that ALT-70’s product contamination was the sole reason for the death of a 20 green complex’s last summer. Both of these assurances were false (AKA lies) as Mr. Lafferty had by that time already plead guilty in city court to misusing the Alt-70 that killed all the greens that spring AND the city paid-for scientific turf test results (concealed from the public by the council) showed NO DAMAGE to living turf when the contaminated product was applied at legal RATES and legal TIME INTERVALS. And, not surprisingly, this would not be Mrs. Killian’s first brush with environmental wrongdoing in Rye as city violation records for her personal residential property show. And no one need bother ‘disappearing’ those records now as photocopies have already been made.
While both Cuomo & Otis are separately appealing their federal convictions on multiple counts of fraud, new NYS Governor Bharara will cancel further studies & expenditures on this unaffordable public-union fantasy project.
Mr. Cohn's speech was refreshing & direct. Inclusiveness and shared responsibility, literally shocking stuff after the past 8 years. Ran 14 and a half minutes, another first. Then some guy from county government tried to tie or top the run time. He made it to 12 and a half minutes before running out of steam. A blessing.