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Continuing to learn and grow so I can help others
Interests: Holistic, Natural, Alternative Health, Hypnotherapy, Neuro Linguistic Programming, Spirituality
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Phillip this is a wonderful article full of spiritual knowledge and insight. So true to stop focusing attention and looking for happiness in other people or things, but instead take charge of our own lives, decisions and happiness. Every one of our conversations during readings has been life altering. Speaking with you, learning from you, your talent for encouragement, empathy, wisdom and insight, are counted among my most treasured gifts in my life. You have assisted me so many times in acceleration of spiritual growth and knowledge. Your words, and the familiar sound of your voice, have been priceless during these past 4 years of uncertainty. You may remember me as Gail 0421 PA Hypnotherapy NLP...just spoke with you again today around 5:30 PM. Blessing to you for being a grounded beacon of Light during these troubled times we all face.
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